Dad’s 2 Daughters Vanish Without A Trace. 31 Years Later, Cops Find Them Alive With His Ex

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

This is the story of a bizarre cold case that took over 30 years to solve.

Russell Yates admitted to the Providence Journal that he struck his wife Elaine during a heated argument in the summer of 1985.

The argument occurred after Elaine caught him with another woman.

Weeks after the domestic dispute, Russell came home and discovered Elaine and their two daughters had vanished from their home in Warwick, Rhode Island. At the time, his youngest daughter Kelly was 10 months old. Kimberly was 3.

The following day, Russell filed a missing persons report. He told the police that he and Elaine were high school sweethearts and admitted their fight got out-of-hand.

After their disappearance, Russell was awarded custody of the daughters. In 1988, a warrant was also issued for Elaine’s arrest. However, it would take 31 years for Elaine, Kelly, and Kimberly to actually be located.

In December 2016, an anonymous tip led the Rhode Island State Police to the trio’s possible whereabouts.

That’s where the story takes an even more bizarre turn…

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