He Lays All His Coins Out In Straight Lines. After 7 Days, His Table Looks So Different

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

In 2007, Switzerland removed their one-cent piece, the 1-Rappen, from circulation. Now, the smallest coin is the 5-Rappen.

One creative man decided to collect all those low-value coins and transform them into a beautiful coin table!

A Reddit user going by the name juicyvelvet recently made waves for a truly awesome DIY project.

Inspired by projects he had spotted online, like this spectacular and elaborate penny floor, he decided to create something similar.

However, because he’s in Switzerland, he decided to make use of a coin that isn’t too familiar to most Americans.

It’s called the 5-Rappen, and it’s the Swiss equivalent of a nickel. Today, it’s the smallest coin in Switzerland, because the Swiss Mint stopped striking the 1-Rappen coin when they realized no one was using it.

That’s where our enterprising crafter comes in. He collected all his low-value 5-Rappen pieces he could find, and transformed them into something beautiful.

Scroll through below to see his gorgeous coin table, and how he pieced it together!

Reddit user juicyvelvet recently made major waves online with an elaborate DIY tutorial that he put together using his country’s five-cent piece, the 5-Rappen.

The 1-Rappen was taken out of circulation in 2007, after the Swiss government realized that nobody was using the coin anymore, and now the 5-rappen is the smallest coin.

Just like the penny here in the U.S., there are plenty of folks in Switzerland who have collected lots of the low-value coins over the years.

Our intrepid crafter was one of those people. He realized that he had tons of these low-value coins lying around and that he might as well put them to good use!

He framed a piece of ordinary fiberboard with thin strips of wood and laid out all his old 5-Rappen coins.

He had quite a collection, just like many Americans have collections of pennies.

It’s not clear whether all of these coins came from his own collection or if he went through his friends’ coin jars too, but he ended up tidily fitting a whopping 752 coins into the wooden frame.

Almost all were Swiss 5-Rappen pieces, but he threw in a few odd coins from other parts of the world for good measure.

He says that there’s even an American dime hidden in there somewhere!

He didn’t glue his coins down, though he notes that other people with similar projects could use adhesive if they wanted to.

Instead, he took a very simply and elegant approach.

He simply poured crystal-clear epoxy into the frame, filling it smoothly to the brim, and let it harden.

While the epoxy was hardening over the course of a few days, this clever crafter got to work on the next piece of his project!

He built a bar-height metal framework, perfectly sized to fit his coin-covered table top.

It was the perfect order for completing the project because the epoxy needed 7 days to fully harden.

Once the table top was done curing, he laid it out on his porch and got to work attaching the metal framework.

He simply screwed in the bent slats at the top of the metal frame, drilling them directly into the fiberboard.

If you wanted to try this project at home, it might be a good idea to lay out a tarp or a moving blanket to protect the epoxy from getting scratched during the process.

Here’s the finished product, standing upright after the the table legs were fitted!

It’s a beautiful bar-height table that will pair perfectly with a couple of high stools. We love the way the simple modern shape contrasts with the antiqued tarnish of the coins!

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