Find Out What Your Coffee Order Reveals About Your Personality

by Phil Mutz
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I am a big fan of coffee.

I love to kick off each day with a hot cup of coffee, complete with milk and sugar.

But I was very surprised to read that the type of coffee I drink is actually in direct correlation to my personality.

Dr. Gary L. Wenk writes in Psychology Today, “Coffee makes us feel so good because it is able to tap into virtually every reward system our brain has evolved.” It makes total sense that there is a connection between the mind and the type of coffee we drink.

Of course, a person who loves to order a frappuccino will be much different than someone who orders black coffee.

And when I took the quiz below and read what was revealed by my cream-and-sugar coffee order? I was shocked by how accurate it was!

I love taking quizzes that reveal your personality, like this one that determines what kind of pet you are. But this coffee quiz really takes the cake with how spot on it is.

A special thanks to Maya Borenstein from LittleThings for the cute coffee images.

Were your results as spot on as mine? Let us know in the comments.

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Which one of these coffee beverages do you most want to drink? Keep scrolling to find out what it reveals about your personality!

what your coffee order says about your personality
LittleThings / Maya Borenstein


Espresso personalty test
LittleThings / Maya Borenstein

If you are an espresso drinker, you are someone who is a natural born leader. You work very hard and you also play very hard. Your Type A personality makes you a person who know how to get things done. And your hardworking nature is an inspiration to others, both at work and in your social life.

Obviously, as an espresso drinker, you enjoy the taste of coffee and you like things a little more straightforward. Your morning shot of espresso is what propels you to the head of the pack each and every day!

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Double Espresso

Double Espresso personalty test
LittleThings / Maya Borenstein

If you are a double espresso drinker, you are someone who believes in logic. You are an extremely practical person and are not susceptible to flights of whimsy like some of your friends. Like a single espresso drinker, you are a very hardworking person. However, you function much better with clear, concise direction from others. You do your best at work when your boss tells you exactly what they want.

As someone who likes that double dose of espresso, you require a little extra boost of caffeine to keep you going through the day. Your morning beverage helps you to focus and get your day in perfect logical order!

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