Drinking Coffee Before You Lie Down Can Drastically Improve Your Nap

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Taking naps is always a wonderful way to spend part of an hour.

But sometimes, waking up from a nap leaves you feeling more groggy and tired than you were to begin with.

Often after waking up from a nap, you just want to get more sleep. Although they’re supposed to make you feel energized, sometimes you get unlucky and your nap makes you feel disoriented and grumpy.

Whenever this happens to me, I turn to one thing: coffee.

Not only is coffee helpful for boosting energy levels when you first wake up in the morning, it’s also great after an unsatisfying nap.

But there’s a new study that claims you should drink coffee before your nap.

It seems counterproductive, but a researcher at the University of Sydney in Australia has found that there are huge benefits to “coffee naps.”

When a college professor of mine told me about how effective coffee naps were, I laughed. But seeing this new research has me questioning my nap protocol.

[H/T: Daily Mail]

coffee pot

When you’re exhausted during the day, you usually turn to one of two things: taking a nap or drinking some coffee.

Both napping and drinking coffee are known for boosting your energy levels. If you’re really tired, you might even nap and then drink coffee.

However, new research shows that you should reverse that order!

coffee spoon

Chin Moi Chow, an associate professor of sleep and wellbeing at the University of Sydney, recently wrote an article in The Conversation about sleep — specifically, “coffee naps.”

Professor Chow explained that when you don’t get enough sleep, you build up a sleep debt.

When you nap, you can repay some of that sleep debt.

Coffee plays a similar role on affecting our energy levels.

napping couch

In 1997, a study looked into the effectiveness of coffee naps.

Compared to people who just napped or drank coffee, people who drank coffee before a 15-minute nap had improved driving performance in a simulator.

People who had coffee naps also were more alert for hours after the nap.

coffee book

To explain how coffee naps work, Professor Chow said that it takes the body about 45 minutes to absorb caffeine. You can start feeling the alert effects after only 30 minutes.

That means that if you drink coffee just before a 15-minute nap, the caffeine will not affect the nap.

dog nap

When you wake up from the short nap, the caffeine hits you, helping you to feel the coffee’s effects for hours.

The potential problem with coffee naps is that if you misjudge the time of your nap, your sleep and performance can be affected.

coffee nap

Coffee naps seem like they’re an incredible answer to daytime exhaustion, but Professor Chow explains that the best way to handle sleep deprivation is to get more sleep.

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Would you try a coffee nap? I’m definitely looking forward to trying one soon.

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