Dye Plain Coffee Filters Brilliant Colors And Fold For Gorgeous Floral Bouquet

by Kate Taylor
Kate is a writer who laughs at her own jokes and likes to pour too much hot sauce on her food.

If coffee is your fuel, then chances are you’re more than familiar with coffee filters. Their intended purpose, of course, is to keep coffee grinds out of our favorite hot beverage.

Coffee filters certainly fulfill their intended purpose, but it turns out that you can use coffee filters for plenty of reasons that have nothing to do with caffeine — or decaf, for that matter.

In fact, coffee filters can be used around your house for all types of tips and tricks that you probably never thought of.

As much fun as lining plates or making your own tea bag is, nothing is quite as satisfying as a craft — being able to turn something ordinary into something unexpectedly beautiful.

The coffee filter crafts outlined in the video below are so easy, anyone can do them.

The best part? You probably already have all the materials in your house, and they can be done in minutes.


  • 6 coffee filters
  • Magic Markers
  • liquid starch
  • stapler
  • pipe cleaners
  • tin can or vase


  1. Draw any design you want onto all 6 coffee filters with the help of your Magic Markers. Make sure there is some white space left over for the next step to work.
  2. Spray the coffee filters with liquid starch and leave to dry.
  3. Stack the 6 coffee filters together and fold into quarters.
  4. Staple on a pipe cleaner at the tip to make a stem.
  5. Carefully peel back each layer to create the illusion of petals on a flower.
  6. Place in a vase and enjoy! Or repeat for an entire bouquet.

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