I Put Coconut Oil On My Eyelashes For 7 Days To See If It Would Help Them Grow

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It’s no secret that coconut oil has become a go-to product in the beauty community. It seems to be the super stuff that is good for just about anything!

Not only is coconut oil nutritious, it is also a miracle product for your body, especially as a treatment for dry hair and dry skin. Its natural properties hydrate and encourage growth in hair, and I recently found out that the same principle applies to eyelashes. So I got myself some virgin 100% organic coconut oil to find out what the fuss is about.

A few months ago I went and got my eyelashes permed for my birthday. My eyes looked glorious for the first four weeks, but then came the actual price I had to pay.

My eyelashes became disfigured and dehydrated, then started to fall out. Now, nearly half a year later, they are almost back to normal. However, they are still not quite where they were before I made this terrible decision.

I read that putting coconut oil on eyelashes really helps them recover. So here I am, trying it out with hopes of coconut oil being as magical as everyone says it is.

Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Open coconut oil jar with cotton swabs
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So, 100% natural coconut oil is rich in fatty acids and proteins, which is what eyelashes thrive on. When applied straight onto clean lashes, coconut oil penetrates the hair shaft and provides nutrition and hydration for the lash. If the coconut oil is applied by the roots of eyelashes, it can penetrate the follicles and encourage growth. Best of all, it is completely safe for the eyes (unless you have allergies, of course).

Armed with this knowledge, I excitedly set out on my week-long experiment of putting coconut oil on my eyelashes.

How To Use Coconut Oil On Your Eyelashes

Coconut oil on a cotton swab
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According to just about every source on the internet, all you need for this treatment is a tub of 100% natural coconut oil (make sure there are no added ingredients), a couple of cotton swabs, and a mirror.

Here are step-by-step instructions for applying coconut oil to your eyelashes:

  1. Make sure your eyelashes are completely clear of makeup or anything else.
  2. Take a small bit of coconut oil with a cotton swab and gently apply it to your eyelashes, just like you would apply your mascara.
  3. Leave it overnight.

It really is that simple.

My Eyelashes Before Using Coconut Oil

Close up of eyelashes before coconut oil
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As I mentioned before, I messed up my eyelashes by getting them permed about half a year ago. They are now almost back to normal, but I can still feel the signs of damage that it caused. My eyelashes have become coarser, and although the extreme fallout has stopped, I still lose a few lashes once in a while.

I have pretty high hopes for this treatment, so let’s see how it goes.

Day 1

Applying coconut oil on eyelashes day 1
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After taking my evening shower, I got my coconut oil jar and a clean cotton swab. I wasn’t sure how much of the coconut oil should go on my eyelashes, so I ended up using quite a lot — a little too much, actually, as there were lumps of it staying on the lashes. I went ahead and used the residue on my brows.

I was pleasantly surprised by how lightweight the coconut oil felt on the lash. I couldn’t feel it at all by the time I went to bed.

Day 2

Applying coconut oil on eyelashes day 2
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As I was using the coconut-oiled cotton swab in the same motion as I would a mascara wand, I accidentally got some of the oil in my left eye. My instincts made me panic, but my previous research said that nothing bad would happen. 

All in all, my eye went blurry for about half an hour and then went almost back to normal. The next morning, it was as if the incident had never even happened. 

Another theory tested successfully: Coconut oil doesn’t hurt your eyes! (Well, unless you have an allergy.) Apart from that, no other changes were noticed.

Day 3

Spooning melted coconut oil out of jar
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An unexpected heat wave hit England and my coconut oil completely liquefied. This made using it for my eyelashes a lot easier, as there wasn’t any way I could pick up too much of it. When applied to the eyelashes, the coconut oil seemed to be absorbed much quicker too, so I would recommend using pure liquid coconut oil or melting yours safely so it’s not too hot. This works better overall!

Day 4

Applying coconut oil on eyelashes day 4
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On Day 4, I decided to break the rules and put on mascara during the daytime. I know I shouldn’t have, but I went to a birthday party. I’m only human!

After removing all the makeup from my eyes, I put a generous amount of coconut oil on my eyelashes, lash roots, and eyebrows. It actually makes for an excellent makeup remover if you don’t have wipes handy.

Day 5

Applying coconut oil on eyelashes day 5
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On Day 5, I noticed that my eyelashes had become much bendier and softer to the touch. I also hadn’t had any fallout whatsoever.

In the evening, I applied it as usual: the top and bottom lashes, lash roots, and eyebrows (the latter just for fun).

Day 6

Applying coconut oil on eyelashes day 6
Angie Verike for LittleThings

Tonight I was in for another super-easy evening application of coconut oil to my eyelashes, thanks to the heat wave liquefying it completely. I managed to get a little bit in my eye again, but found that the blurriness went away in half an hour, same as last time.

Apart from the softness and flexibility of my eyelashes, there weren’t any more visible or noticeable changes.

Day 7

Applying coconut oil on eyelashes day 7
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The last day of the experiment was pretty uneventful. I applied a generous amount of liquefied coconut oil to my eyelashes, and after making sure I got it on every lash and root, I went to bed.

Results: My Eyelashes After Using Coconut Oil

Eyelashes close up before and after coconut oil
Angie Verike for LittleThings

I don’t think that a week of putting coconut oil on my eyelashes made them grow, but it definitely made them softer, more hydrated, and glossier, as you can see in the picture above. They even feel nicer to the touch.

Overall, I will definitely be using this coconut oil treatment on my eyelashes once in a while to make sure they get as much nourishment as possible. It doesn’t require that much effort or time, and the results are pretty good for a week’s worth of work. Oh, and I definitely won’t be doing any more perming.

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