I Used Coconut Oil For My Dry Hair. Here’s What Happened

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As a girl with naturally curly hair that is incredibly dry, finding a treatment to improve the health of my hair has always been an ongoing struggle.

The added damage of straightening my hair has also not helped the situation… but I digress.

The internet is filled with a plethora of hair-treatment “home remedies” that promise to deliver unbelievable results overnight. From the quite pungent method of applying apple cider vinegar or the ever-popular mayonnaise treatment, these hair procedures can add an undesirable smell to your experience.

After a devoted search, I came across coconut oil as a treatment for dry hair.

Using coconut oil for hair promises to slowly but surely restore the health of your scalp and locks. Since coconut oil happens to have a light scent and is generally filled with a variety of antioxidants and healthy fatty acids, I decided it was time to put some coconut oil on my hair to see if any of the hype was justified.

I tested coconut oil on my dry hair for just one treatment method, then documented the before and after results.

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Is Coconut Oil Good For Hair?

coconut oils for hair

You may be wondering what coconut oil does for your hair.

There are a variety of coconut oil benefits for hair. According to LiveStrong, using coconut oil for hair can promote softness, nourish your scalp, and help your hair grow thicker and longer. Because it’s a highly nourishing oil, you can use coconut oil for hair loss, dandruff, and split ends. You can even use coconut oil for natural hair that isn’t damaged, as it can add shine and volume.

However, individuals with extremely coarse or brittle hair should be careful using coconut oil on their hair as the added protein can cause the hair to stiffen and break. You should also test for any allergies before use.

How To Use Coconut Oil For Hair

If you’re wondering how to use coconut oil for hair, there are a few ways that you can choose to apply the oil. You can either apply the coconut oil directly onto your scalp and hair without anything else added in, or you can throw in a few extra ingredients for additional benefits.

For my coconut oil hair experiment, I decided to add in an egg for protein and honey for added shine. The best coconut oil for hair is organic, virgin, and unrefined. This type of oil is better because it is produced from fresh coconuts and does not undergo a bleaching process.

1. Take A "Before" Photo

coconut oils for hair
LittleThings / Volia Nikaci

To monitor the results, I took a “before” photo of my hair. Not only did I want to test how my hair felt after using the coconut oil hair treatment, I also wanted to see if my hair looked any different.

2. Make DIY Coconut Oil Hair Mask

coconut oils for hair

Heating a small saucepan, I scooped out about a tablespoon of coconut oil and allowed it to melt into a liquid form. Depending on your hair length, you may need to add in another scoop. I then transferred the liquid into a small bowl and grabbed one egg and a jar of generic honey. I added the egg and one tablespoon of honey into the liquid and mixed it until all of the ingredients blended together seamlessly.

3. Apply Hair Mask

coconut oils for hair

On dry hair, I sectioned off my hair into four large parts by separating the hair in the middle along the ears and then sectioning that half into two smaller pieces. I used a clip to keep each section in place, but you can also substitute that with a hair tie.

I began by applying the coconut oil hair mask mixture onto the bottom section of my hair by placing it first onto my scalp, massaging it in, and then working my way down to the ends. You should repeat this process until your entire hair and scalp is drenched in the mixture.

4. Wait For The Mask To Sit

coconut oils for hair

Secure your hair on top of your head with a hair tie or clip and then place a shower cap over your head to keep everything in place. I left the mixture on for one hour. However, you can choose to leave it on anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours, or even overnight, depending on your hair type.

5. Rinse Out

coconut oils for hair

Once an hour passed after I applied the coconut oil hair treatment, I washed the mask out and shampooed and conditioned my hair as I normally would.

6. "After" Photo

coconut oils for hair
LittleThings / Volia Nikaci

I blow-dried my hair, then snapped this photo of my hair after using coconut oil.

So, Does Coconut Oil For Hair Really Work?

coconut oils for hair
LittleThings / Volia Nikaci

My answer would be yes. The coconut oil benefits for my hair have been pretty amazing. After just one use, I noticed that my ends seemed to be a lot softer, while the overall appearance of my hair looked healthier and far less dull. I instantly felt a softness that I hadn’t felt in a long time, and my hair was a lot bouncier.

Although it can be a bit of a pain to apply the treatment, the results have been worth it. As a once-a-week treatment, I’ve found that organic coconut oil can really make a difference. All of the ingredients that I used are simple and affordable kitchen items that you’ll find around your home, so feel free to test it out on your own. You can also choose to completely option out the added items and simply apply the coconut oil as-is to your roots and ends.

After noticing a considerable difference in my hair while testing out the coconut oil for hair treatment, I know I’ll be repeating this process at least once a week.

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