Urban Explorers Sneak Into Coco Chanel’s 22-Room Mansion In The Scottish Highlands

by Angela Andaloro

The 1920s were a time of luxe, grandeur, and good times. That was especially true if you were someone with power, influence, and a place in society.

Coco Chanel was all of that and more.

The iconic face of fashion had a home tucked away in the Scottish Highlands in the 1920s. It wasn’t just any home, however. The 22-room mansion was, at its prime, the epitome of luxury. There, Coco would host her lover, Hugh Grosvenor, the Second Duke of Westminster. She also enjoyed summers there with her close friend Winston Churchill.

It’s hard to believe that a home with such a rich history would have a hard time selling.

The mansion was on the market for four years at £3 million. It was purchased earlier this year with the intention of turning it into a luxury boutique hotel. The sale appears to have fallen through, giving urban explorers the chance to take a peek at what’s left of the opulence of yesteryear.

Matt of Finders Beepers History Seekers shared his thoughts on the exploration with the Daily Mail. “This is somewhere I have really wanted to get into for a while,” he shared.

“I went when it was raining because I thought there was less chance of people being outside and less chance of being caught. I’m not a nervous person but my nerves were kicking in. I just really wanted to get in without getting caught. I would have been devastated if I had been caught after being in just one room.”

“One room had bottles of beer and sherry as well as barrels of wine inside,” he noted. “It was just really fascinating to think about who might have been the last person to drink out of one of those bottles.

“The entire place was amazing and to have the opportunity to actually get in there was crazy. Some of the rooms were absolutely massive. Some of the windows must have been 15 feet tall but it was riddled with damp and the walls were full of cracks.

“It was what I expected in a lot of the rooms, with everything stripped back but some of the period features like the cast iron fireplace were just beautiful.”

He also touched on the historical significance of the property in the context of Coco’s life, saying, “Coco Chanel came here before the war and spent a lot of time living here. These were her glory days and it’s crazy to think who might have walked into that building before me. It’s just a real shame that it’s in the state it is now.”

“It was fascinating wondering which room Coco Chanel would have slept in and the wild parties that would have gone on,” he continued. “The history of the place is just crazy.

“I know I will get people saying why have you come here, why did you show people, but the answer is if I didn’t, no one would get to see it because it would be destroyed and gone forever. I know there isn’t loads left today but there is enough to paint a picture in your mind of what it was once like and that’s what I am passionate about.”

“It’s a wonderful place and I really hope someone comes along to save it,” he added.

“Some work has obviously been done in there but as I understand it the sale has fallen through. It’s a real shame and it would be lovely to see it brought back to life at some point.”

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