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Cocker Spaniel Spends 3 Days Stuck Underground In Sewage Pipe Before Crew Finally Digs Him Out

by Kate Taylor
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Kat and James Athey wanted to enjoy a relaxing Saturday evening at the park with their cocker spaniel, Spencer. Unfortunately, Spencer had other ideas.

Curiosity may kill the cat, but in this case, the pup’s curious obsession with a 30-centimeter-wide pipe opening (nearly 12 inches) was almost the end of him.

The cocker spaniel managed to wedge himself into the pipe — to the point that he couldn’t get himself free. Spencer’s location in the pipe was confirmed by a search and rescue team that included a fire crew.

The team got a visual on Spencer using a special camera that could snake down into the drain.

A spokesman for Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service explained to SWNS news service, “It’s in a football pitch, where excavation wasn’t permitted at that point and where their equipment wasn’t suitable for the rescue operation, so the fire service had to leave the incident.”

The next step was to call on the people and equipment that could help free Spencer. Diggers came to the site and were able to pull back the tarmac and open the pipe where Spencer was trapped.

The entire process took three long days, which Kat describes to SWNS news service as an “emotional roller coaster.”

As soon as Spencer was freed, Kat and James rushed him to the vet. Luckily the vet gave the cocker spaniel a clean bill of health.

As you can imagine, the family is overjoyed to have Spencer home.

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Photos and information: SWNS / Sarah Ward 

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