Cocker Spaniel Stuck In A Muddy Pipe Is Saved By A Fearlessly Heroic Man

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

It’s so sad to see a poor animal get stuck somewhere, unable to free themselves from their uncomfortable confinement.

Sometimes, clumsiness or curiosity gets them into trouble and they end up in some pretty compromising places, like this poor kitty caught in a sewer grate.

While it’s never fun to see an animal in distress, it’s always so uplifting to see people spring into action and help them get unstuck.

This situation occurred recently when a cocker spaniel went missing from a grouse shooting group in Scotland.

When the poor dog was discovered stuck in a small muddy pipe, it seemed that she might be down there for good.

Fortunately, the group banded together to dig into the pipe, crawl inside, and grab out the little mud-covered baby.

Check below to see photos of the impressive puppy save, which required the teamwork of plenty of caring and concerned strangers.

[H/T: Mashable]

It was a normal day for the participants of a grouse shoot at Invermark Estate in Angus, Scotland, until a cocker spaniel named Jazz went missing.

They searched around the area where she went rogue and couldn’t find her anywhere, until someone heard her breathing around a hole in the clearing.

It turns out that Jazz had fallen down a pipe hole, so the group got busy trying to get her out.

After digging about six feet around the pipe, they finally broke into it and gamekeeper Johnny Stevenson crawled, headfirst, inside.

Despite all the mud and the seriously cramped conditions, the man was determined to save the poor dog.

Thankfully a mud-covered Jazz was safely pulled out of the pipe!

After she was saved, Jazz was returned back to grateful owner Karen Da Rosa.

The happily ending incident definitely showcases the power of teamwork, and rightfully highlights the brave Mr. Stevenson.

“What a team, one lucky little dog and owner!” they state on Facebook

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