Cocker Spaniel Can’t Reach Yellow Ball In Pool, Outsmarts Toy By Using A Raft To Reach It

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

There’s no doubt that dogs are smart, but this English cocker spaniel may be one of the most inventive canines out there.

One day in July 2015, 8-year-old Jesse and his owners were enjoying a relaxing day in their pool in Ontario, Canada. But Jesse’s ball was floating in the middle of the pool and the dog was too scared to jump in to get it.

“Jesse loves to swim and be in the pool, however, he has never had the courage to jump in and fetch the ball like our other dogs,” the cocker spaniel’s owner, Chantille Curcio, says.

While his owners told him to get his ball, the dog had to think of another way to retrieve it.

That’s when he eyed a blue circular raft and carefully placed his front paws on it, then his back ones. He floated on the raft, trying to bite his ball. And once he got too far away he didn’t give up.

Nope, the cocker spaniel doggy-paddled over to his yellow ball with his front paws, putting his owners in stitches!

“Good job!” Chantille says in the video below once Jesse hops out of the pool.

“This is the way he has overcome the fear and achieved his end goal,” his owner says.

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