Funny Cockatoo Plays A Hilarious Game Of Peekaboo With Her Owner

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

Like any other pet you may bring into your home, birds have their own unique set of adorable quirks.

Along with all of their beautiful plumage and perhaps a lovely whistle tone, they can also be pretty darn hilarious! Their silly qualities vary from bird to bird, of course. They might have a penchant for repeating inappropriate words or maybe a stickler for a clean beak. Whatever it is, the antics only make them that much cuter!

The sweet girl in the video below clearly loves playing games with her owner. The pretty cockatoo’s name is Layla and before she found a happy home with her human, Dawn Graham, and her two bird siblings, the poor thing suffered from severe abuse.

When she was brought into the home, Layla was completely bald from anxiously plucking at her feathers throughout her painful experience.

Now, her white feathers shine bright as she and Graham enjoy a fun came of peekaboo. It really looks like Layla is smiling at Graham every time she sees her turn back around. Her happy squawks of approval increase as the game speeds up. The best part is when Graham starts to take a bit longer to face the cutie, eventually holding her head in the opposite direction so long that the bird wails at her as if to say, “Hey! Turn around already!”

Be careful before hitting play, though. Layla has an impressive set of pipes behind her peeps so you may want to turn your volume down a bit.

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