Cockatoo Picks Up A Spoon With Her Mouth, Then Uses It To Make Some Noise

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

I feel like birds don’t get enough credit for how cool they are.

Sure, some people have a fear of birds, and not everyone would want one as a pet, but they can be just as interesting and entertaining as their fluffy animal counterparts.

Though you may not be able to cuddle them like you would a dog or a cat, birds are very aesthetically pleasing and can be taught some pretty cool tricks.

If you get the right type of bird, you can teach them to talk and drop sassy phrases like this very confident parrot.

Other birds have a musical ear, like the cockatoo in the clip below.

It opens on a big bird named Harley, who has a metal spoon in her mouth. But she’s not using it to scoop up food: she’s actually using it to make a little music.

By maneuvering it around in her beak, she makes a constant clanging noise that almost sounds like ringing bells.

The pretty bird is definitely pleased with herself as she flicks the spoon around — maybe she could find more utensils or some friends and start a bird band.

Check out her adorable little trick down below; it’ll make you wonder what else can be turned into an instrument.

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