Cockatiel Loses It When He Sees Turtle’s Reflection The Mirror

by Giovanna Boldrini
Giovanna was born in Rome, Italy and currently resides in South Salem, New York. In her free time, she likes to cook with her children and grandchildren.

Prepare for a total birdy meltdown in 3, 2, 1…

Watch a little cockatiel completely lose his mind when he sees what he and his turtle friend look like in the mirror.

Meanwhile, the turtle remains as chill as can be, munching away on some fresh veggies.

We’ve seen animals have funny reactions to mirrors before – like the time this little puppy encountered his reflection and had no idea what to do – but this quick clip combines a funny animal mirror reaction with proof that love knows no species. I think it’s pretty obvious from watching the turtle’s reaction to the bird squawking his little birdy head off; the two are fast friends!

This parrot reminds me of myself the last time I went bathing suit shopping and got a glimpse of my rear end under harsh neon lights. Yeesh.

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