She Makes A Tasty Coca-Cola Jell-O Candy Treat

by Paul Morris
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Just about everyone in the United States of America loves the taste of Coca-Cola. The brand has managed over the years to make itself an icon of American industry, and with its famous logo and bright red covering, it’ll always be viewed as one of the most lasting items of Americana history.

So when one woman decided to add a bit of a twist to that image, we couldn’t help but smile at just how unique her little project turned out to be! Just like the woman who made a special Jell-O Powerade bottle, this woman went through all the steps to make a tasty treat that anyone would love.

She mixes the Coke with gelatin in a large bowl. She takes the label off and then carefully pours the mixed Coke back into the bottle and freezes it overnight.

After carefully removing the plastic bottle the next day, she ended up with a Jello mold that looks exactly like the real thing!

Placing the logo back on along with the famous red cap really makes this treat look exactly like a Coke bottle. It wouldn’t surprise us if someone tried to pick it up thinking it was filled with liquid, not made out of Jell-O!

This would be so cute at any Coke-themed birthday parties. Doesn’t it just look so cool?

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