Man Converts Mobility Scooter Into Coca-Cola Truck

by Paul Morris
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Barrie Hall has always considered himself a bit “quirky.” He’s always found creative ways to decorate his house or even his mobility scooter! His funny sense of humor and warm demeanor have always drawn plenty of friends for the 73-year-old pensioner.

But when his beautiful wife tragically died from leukemia back in 2010, he decided to do something about it.

Even though he’s remained heartbroken over the years, he’s come up with a positive approach to his personal tragedy. While most people would want to try to forget about the disease, Barrie spends as much of his time as possible talking about it.

He came up with the idea to convert his late wife’s mobility scooter into the iconic red Coca-Cola truck. He’s decided that he’s going to ride around the neighborhood to raise awareness to help beat the horrible disease!

Even though his six grown children didn’t initially back his idea, his 12 grandchildren seemed to think it was one of the coolest things they’ve ever seen!

While some people initially thought he was a bit kooky at times, Barrie is helping a good cause and finding some closure. He’s spending a lot of his own money to help spread awareness and remember his beautiful wife.

So if you see a mini, red Coca-Cola truck drive by, you might wanna wave!

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