You’re Not Going To Believe This Coca-Cola Bottle Is Actually A Cake

by Emerald Pellot
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No words for this one… It is absolutely stunning. What looks like an ordinary Coca-Cola bottle turns out to be much more than what meets the eye.

Using the entirety of the bottle, everything from its plastic bottle to the soda itself, Ann from How to Cook That completely replicates a Coca-Cola bottle in the form of a cake. Not only is the cake filled with delicious chocolate inside, it also is flavored with the soda itself. If you love to bake, no doubt will this be a challenge. If you love to watch cooking shows, no doubt you will be in for a treat with this one. If you’re interested in learning to cook with soda, try these Mountain Dew dumplings.

Ann is completely masterful in her ability to replicate the iconic bottle. The recipe requires chocolate cake, sponge cake, cream, dark chocolate, and white chocolate, to name a few of the ingredients. This is certainly a cake for a special occasion or an elaborate project for you and your Coke friends. Needless to say, viewers can’t help but be taken by how skillful Ann is able to create this near work of art.

“Wow, is there anything you can’t make, lol. Amazing!” one commenter said.” “This is insane. I honestly thought it was a real Coke,” another said.

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