CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo Surprises His Older Brother Governor Andrew Cuomo With Sweet Compliment

by Stephanie Kaloi

Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, and Chris Cuomo, an anchor at CNN, have been charming much of America with their brotherly antics.

From regaling one another with bizarre dreams to reminding each other to call their mom, they’ve offered a bit of levity as the country comes to grips with the virus that has killed over 125,000 Americans.

Governor Cuomo recently appeared on his brother’s nightly news program, Cuomo Prime Time, and Chris took it as an opportunity to heap praise on top of his elder brother.

While the two were discussing that Andrew has never really been a guest on Chris’ show before, Chris said:

“We’ve never really done it, but this was an unusual time. And they were unusual needs. You stepped up in an unusual way. And of course I won’t always be able to keep having you on … it will never be seen as fair in people’s eyes. And we both get that, that’s OK, you have plenty of people to talk to.”

Andrew and Chris also discussed the significance of June for their family. June 15 was the birthday of their father, Mario, who died in 2015. Mario also served as governor of New York for three terms, and Chris thinks he would be proud of how Andrew has led the state.

“What he wanted to see is what you do with the opportunity. And everything that he ever said mattered to him about public service, is what you demonstrated right here and right now, during this period, when your state needed it most. Not everybody likes you, not everybody likes me. Everybody seems to like pop now, I guess that’s the benefit of being out for a while.”

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