This Spooky Motel Outside Of Vegas Is Packed Wall-To-Wall With 500 Pieces Of Clown Memorabilia

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never really understood why some people are so afraid of clowns.

In my mind, clowns are always just goofy people in funny costumes with a bunch of makeup on.

I suppose that’s because I grew up watching the television show The Big Comfy Couch — not the horror movie It. Even this home that houses 1,500 clowns didn’t freak me out.

Many people are absolutely terrified of clowns, though. And I didn’t fully understand it until I saw photos of this insanely creepy lodge: The Clown Motel.

Located in Tonopah, Nevada, The Clown Motel is infamous for its weirdness. Not only are there over 500 clowns throughout the property, there’s also a cemetery located right next door.

Freaked out yet? If not, then you might be excited by what I’m about to tell you: The Clown Motel is for sale.

And at only $900,000, it’s being sold for a pretty reasonable price.

[H/T: ScaryMommy]

the clown motel

Just between Reno and Las Vegas, there’s a town called Tonopah, Nevada. In it is the infamous Clown Motel.

The Clown Motel got its name because of the 500 clowns inside — these clowns take the form of figurines, statues, paintings, and more.

clown motel sign

According to ScaryMommy, every room has clown paintings and prints, and some rooms even have clowns hanging down from the ceiling.

For the many people who have clown phobias, this probably sounds like their worst nightmare.

clown motel lobby

That being said, people from all over the country go out of their way to visit the freaky motel.

One woman wrote on Instagram, “We are staying here for tonight. The Clown Motel. It is a cross between Bates Motel and if Captain Spaulding owned it. We may survive, we may not.”

clown motel office

Another woman wrote:

We found the world’s most horrifying lodging.

The Clown Motel is filled with hundreds of clowns.

clown motel bw

If you know me at all, you know I’ve been terrified of clowns my entire life.

The sight of them sends shivers down my spine. I’m pretty sure if you check in here, you’ll never check out.

There’s a cemetery conveniently located next door.

clown room

It seems that a lot of people get dragged here by friends who love to feel a little spooked.

One woman explained, “When you hate clowns but you love your best friend and you’re down for adventures…”

clown face

Another guest mentioned that the motel is actually haunted. She wrote:

I’m at The Clown Motel in Nevada… and besides sharing property with a cemetery… it’s decorated with clowns!

And the wonderful front desk lady swears it’s haunted.

mr. creepy

I would be fine with all that except… the clown statue in my room is THE EXACT same as the only clown item I grew up with in my house!

I’m completely tripping out. And now I feel like fate brought me here…

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