80-Year-Old Homeowner Puts House Up For Sale, Then Reveals The 1,500 Clowns

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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In Brantford, Ontario, there’s a house on the market that looks like any other: a single-family brick home near public transportation, good schools, and even a hospital.

From the outside, it looks like a perfectly quaint house — it’s well-maintained, has a detached garage, and a beautiful, grassy yard.

But when you take a look inside, there’s something very unique about this house: it’s full of clowns.

Clowns cause a knee-jerk reaction in many people, especially those with a phobia. But the reason for the vast number of clowns in this house is actually very touching.

Michael McMannis’ parents are the owners of the house.

In response to the attention their selling it has drawn, Michael explained that his stepdad, who had lived in the house with his mother, had a drinking problem.

In order to combat his stepfather’s drinking, they bought clowns. In fact, every clown in the house represents a beer he didn’t drink.

Continue reading below to explore this fascinating little house with a touching personal history.


outside house

The outside of this lovely house looks very similar to other houses in the neighborhood.

It’s a single-story brick house on a quiet street, near charming parks and schools.

cute house

According to the website,, the house has a lot of nice amenities and features, including a detached garage, a paved driveway, and five total parking spaces.

The bungalow has two bedrooms and one bathroom, and even includes a partially-finished basement.

house yard

However, the outside of the house doesn’t reveal the most interesting feature of the home: the 1,500 clowns.

Yes, this house is home to over 1,500 clowns that the owners have been collecting for over 25 years.

clown house kitchen

The kitchen looks pretty normal. It’s a cute country kitchen with some checkered wallpaper.

But if you look closer, you might notice a few clowns scattered about.

Just wait until you see some of the other rooms, though.

clown dining room

In the dining room, there are even more clowns than in the kitchen.

You can see them, in picture and figurine form, placed around the room — and you can’t miss the clown statue in the corner.

clown house den

So why are there so many clowns in this house?

Well, the couple selling it are in their eighties, and they have been collecting them for over 25 years now.

Mrs. McMannis encouraged her husband to start using the money he would use to buy alcohol to buy clowns instead.

clown room

And it worked.

Mrs. McMannis’s son, Michael, told VICE that his stepdad had a drinking issue, and every clown he bought represented another bottle of beer he would have purchased.

Because his stepfather would always drink a little too much when they went out dancing, Mrs. McMannis suggested that instead of buying alcohol, he buy clowns instead.

clown bedroom

Although it looks like all the clown figurines, photographs, and even wallpaper are vintage and specifically-chosen, Michael explains that they’re nothing special.

A lot of the clowns came from McDonald’s, and most of the others are of similarly little value.

clowns bedroom

Over the years, they’ve collected almost 1,500 clowns — and they’re placed all around the home.

Some people are thrown off by the clowns, while others love it and find the story touching.

clown living room

The home reflects the touching journey the family has been through together. And according to the realtor of the house, the clowns haven’t put off any potential buyers of the home.

clown home

What do you think of the heartwarming story behind the clowns in this home?

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