Doctors Dress As Clowns And Bring Ukulele Into 7-Year-Old Boy’s Hospital Room, Then Serenade Him

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Luckily for me, the closest I’ve ever come to surgery is getting my wisdom teeth removed. At age 2o, I actually cried before and after that minor surgery. I would’ve cried during it, too, if I hadn’t been under anesthesia.

I can only imagine how scary it would be going into a more serious surgery, so I totally understand why 7-year-old Oscar was anxious before going into his heart surgery.

Oscar’s mom says that he was “quite upset and getting anxious” about heading in for open-heart surgery, so his doctors wanted to make him feel a little better.

When something big is about to happen, it helps to have a healthy distraction. So in order to make Oscar smile, his doctors dressed up as clowns, complete with red noses, funny ties, and top hats, then serenaded the young patient before his operation.

One of the doctors even showed off his ukulele skills, and Oscar smiled through the whole thing!

I would be willing to bet that Oscar’s mama was also feeling pretty upset and anxious, waiting for her son to go into heart surgery. It seems like these incredible doctors lightened her own mood as well. Hopefully, Oscar is doing well and recovering happily!

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