Gently Pull Apart Clothespins, Then Line Up The Pieces In A Perfect Circle

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

Got a few extra clothespins hanging around the house? Time to put them to good use!

We all know that clothespins are great for hanging up laundry outside, but these days most of us have a dryer instead. You’d think clothespins would go the way of the dinosaur, but these little wooden clips are just too darn useful to ever go out of style!

We may not use them to hang up sheets as often as we once did, but clothespins come in handy for lots of things, from ear reflexology to cute crafts for the house.

In fact, with a couple of clothespins and some strong glue, you can solve almost any minor household problem. Pull pins apart to make an awesome trivet for your kitchen counter, glue them back to back to organize your headphones, or label them to keep your papers straight — the possibilities are endless!

One of our favorite strategies? Find a small piece of scrap wood, then glue a series of pins to it at angles, but make sure they can still open. Hang it up on your kitchen wall and use the pins to organize your dishcloths and oven mitts!

Love these ideas already? Check out the video below for detailed instructions, and even more ideas for using clothespins around the house.

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