Mom Casually Mentions She Wants Her Own Makeup Space, Then Husband Secretly Transforms Closet

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Kari Koelsch, a nurse and mother of three, leads a very busy life. With a family and a time-consuming job, Kari, like a lot of moms, feels like she is always running around.

Kari’s husband, Todd, wanted to give her a special Christmas/birthday gift this year, so when Kari mentioned that she wished she had a separate place to get ready in the morning, Todd knew exactly what to do.

Todd always puts Kari first, but she never expected that he would take what she said and run with it. Instead of working on some of the other house projects they’d been meaning to start, Todd again put Kari’s needs before his own and decided to make her a vanity.

She told LittleThings: “I’m so happy my sweet husband made a place for me to get ready in the morning! He’s the sweetest man in the world.”

Todd took an unused closet and completely transformed it for Kari.

While he was working on it, Todd told Kari not to look in the closet.

But eventually, she couldn’t help herself and peeked inside.

When she did, she was completely stunned by what he had made for her.

“I’m almost shocked that Todd came up with such a feminine design,” Kari told The Huffington Post. “He is a utility worker that’s usually covered in mud. He’s a big tough guy that wears work boots every day. I’m definitely surprised he thought of pink stripes.”

Todd finally finished the vanity, and Kari is completely in love with it. But more than that, she’s completely in love with her husband.

Kari Koelsch

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