Senior Dog Is Abandoned In A Park, Then Strangers See Homeless Owner’s Note Begging For A Home

by Lina Batarags
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The 11-year-old lab mix named Cletus is, in many ways, the perfect pet: he loves to play catch, doesn’t chew on anything except for his own food, and seems to spend most of his days with a big, goofy dog-smile spread across his face.

However, hiding behind that warm smile is a sad story.

Cletus was found one day at a playground in Snellville, GA, all alone with a box of toys and a heartbreaking note:

“My name is Cletus!

My owner decided she could not keep me anymore because she does not have a place to stay.

I am a very good dog. I’m 11 years old, but I still play like a puppy.

I don’t chew anything but food. I’m housebroken. I’m great with kids.

I play ball, catch Frisbees, and love to give hugs.

Can you please find me a home? I don’t want to go to the shelter.

– Cletus”

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All credit goes to Gwinnett County Animal Hospital.

This is Cletus. Though he may be a senior dog at 11 years old, he still has the energy and playfulness of a much younger dog.

Sadly, he was found abandoned at a playground, when his owner was no longer to care for him.

The note, written in red ink, told Cletus’ previous owner’s heartbreaking story.

Gwinnett Animal Shelter posted a note on its Facebook page announcing that the pup was looking for a forever home.

And, as shown by the comments on the right side, positive comments started pouring in almost immediately.

One kind woman named Jill even offered to adopt him right off the bat!

And, in a beautiful show of support and compassion, other kind comments were also directed to the woman who had to leave the dog behind because of her own life circumstances.

“Wow, whoever left Cletus must really love him. Thank you for not dumping him on the streets. God bless you!” wrote Facebook user Angela Segal.

Fortunately, Cletus was able to find a happy ending to his troubling story. On July 7, the organization posted an update that he was adopted! According to the Facebook page, he is now happy with his owner.

Cletus even has his own Facebook page, which is working to get more dogs adopted out of shelters.

Make sure to take a look at the video below to see Cletus in action, and please SHARE this deserving dog’s story with your friends and family as a reminder to adopt, not shop, when looking for a pet!

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