This Simple Keychain Tool Will Keep You From Touching Things In Public Spaces

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These days, there’s no such thing as too much protection. Even though many states have already made it mandatory to wear masks when stepping outside, those won’t protect you from indirectly contracting the virus, especially if you interact with high-touch surfaces like touchscreens and doorknobs. And when you need to make quick trips to, say, the supermarket and the bank, it means you have no choice but to touch these things, too.

Fortunately, a nifty tool like CleanKey can do all the touching on your behalf. As you can probably tell by the name, it’s designed to limit germ exposure and transmission by functioning as an ergonomic keychain that you can use anytime you have to press buttons, open doors, and pull levers. On its other end is a retractable carabiner which you can use to attach to your daily stuff.

The CleanKey is also manufactured with 62% copper content, an element that is known to be resistant and slow down the spread of microorganisms, like bacteria, viruses, protozoans, and fungi. When you have this tool in tow, you can reduce your point-of-contact area by as much as 99%. That’s a whole lot better than nothing.

And because we all have friends and loved ones we care about, the more CleanKeys you buy, the more you’ll save. You can get a single tool for $19.99 or a two-pack for $37.99. But the best deal by far is a three-pack for $49.99—a savings of 33 percent. All the more reason to share with people you love!


CLEANKEY™ Antimicrobial Brass Hand Tool: 3-Pack – $49.99

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Byline: Nicole Cord-Cruz