Only Grandmas Still Remember That Ordinary Sliced Bread Is The Best Way To Clean Up Messes

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Good housekeepers know: if you’re looking for tips, ask a grandma.

If you’re a grandma yourself, you already know that you are the ultimate authority on cooking hacks and clever kids’ activities

In fact, you might have one or two moves that you borrowed from your grandma or from your own mom. We’re willing to bet she had a lot of great ideas about how to stretch a buck or clean the house more quickly.

Here’s one old chestnut that you might remember from your grandma: cleaning with ordinary sliced white bread.

It has fallen out of fashion these days, but, believe it or not, cleaning with sliced bread is, well, the best thing since sliced bread!

Lots of us grew up eating sandwiches on white bread, but might have been surprised when members of the greatest generation used it to tidy up around the house.

But white bread is a great cleaning tool, and everyone should keep a loaf of it on hand.

Read on to find out why using white bread is such a great cleaning hack!

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white bread sandwich

Many people grew up eating white bread for lunch every single day.

After all, white bread is fluffy and sweet, perfect for sandwiches.

However, if you remember listening to Grandma’s cleaning tips growing up, you might be one of the few people that still remembers another use for sliced white bread.

white bread

That’s right, we’re talking cleaning.

After Wonder Bread first hit the market in the early 1920s, thrifty housekeepers everywhere hit on a novel off-label use.

For decades, women everywhere used white bread to clean up minor messes around the house.

white bread loaf

White bread is actually an incredibly-useful cleaning tool, because it’s so soft and spongey.

While we wouldn’t use it to scrub pots and pans, it can be used a little bit like a sponge.

If you remove the crusts and roll a slice of white bread into a ball, it instantly becomes a perfect tool for scrubbing up small messes.

remove fingerprints

A rolled-up ball of white bread can be put to use all over the house.

For instance, you can lift fingerprints off a glass in a second, by carefully applying the bread to the smudged surface.

You can also use bread to rub scuff marks off of shoes, and to dust delicate furnishings.

white bread spill

In fact, a regular old piece of white bread has a ton of cleaning uses — all because of chemical properties in the flour.

According to Toni Hammersley’s The Complete Book of Clean, “the gluten in the bread absorbs dirt and stains.”

That means that it works well for pulling stains off of surfaces, and for absorbing staining liquids, like red wine.

Laying a slice of bread on a splash of wine might not fix all the damage, but it can sop up the worst of it before it sinks in.

broken glass

Another great way to use white bread? To pick up small shards of glass.

Next time you drop a glass, don’t just rush for the broom and dust pan — gently press a piece of white bread into the broken glass, and watch it pick even the tiniest shards.

You might want to do a once-over with the vacuum just in case, but the bread should take care of the worst of it.

toast white bread

Even though there are other products that tackle these problems today, nothing can beat trusty old white bread.

Women of earlier generations were definitely onto something with this hack. Long before the many ‘magic’ cleaning products we have today, our mothers and grandmothers used ingenuity and elbow grease to find an awesome solution.

Our motto? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

bread white

Did you know that white bread had so many cleaning uses?

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