Woman Hires Cleaning Ladies, Then Comes Home To Discover They Got Drunk And Trashed Her House

by Amy P
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Genevieve Snow, 29, hired two women from a local cleaning service to clean her apartment in Brooklyn.

She paid them $240 to make her home sparkle from top to bottom.

You can imagine Genevieve’s surprise and horror when her roommate came home to find one of the cleaning ladies passed out, barefoot, and facedown on their kitchen floor!

The other cleaning lady was nowhere to be found.

Not only that, but the apartment was left in absolute shambles. “My spice rack was smashed, my marble coffee table upended, which smashed a stone bowl, keys were gone.”

According to the New York Post, “Snow says she’s out of pocket more than $400 for the damage — and, adding insult to injury, when she asked for reimbursement, the company tried to explain it all away with a sob story that the sloshed sweeper’s husband had just left her and her teen daughter was knocked up.”

Genevieve claims the cleaning ladies stole and drank an entire bottle of gin and nearly a full bottle of vodka, and they ate a pint of her chocolate ice cream.

She posted photos of the outrageous scene on Facebook where her story (and cautionary tale) went viral…

Footage provided by WPIX New York

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