If This 90-Year-Old Sledding With His Dog Doesn’t Make You Smile, NOTHING Will!

by Caroline Bayard
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I don’t know about you, but if a 90-year-old has advice about preserving their youth and

INCREDIBLE!" href="" target="_blank">living longer, I’m going to listen… And Claude Bratcher’s advice is something I can definitely get behind!

Bratcher, who lives in Ten Mile, TN, says his secret to staying “90 years young” is to keep the body moving.

While most people his age are lucky to even stand up on their own, Bratcher stays young at heart by getting out and enjoying the “little things,” like a recent snow day with his great-grandchildren.

The World War II veteran and his dog, Smitty, delighted his family when he showed up on the hill to watch the little ones in action, then told his son “I believe I’ll try it, too,” according to The Daily Mail

It turned out that the 90-year-old, who still works on his family’s farm, was the biggest kid of all as he smiled and waved, whipping down the hill with his best friend by his side. Bratcher told The Daily Mail “Well, you can’t sit down and do nothing. You have to stay busy.”

The below footage was caught with a GoPro video camera, and it’s sure to delight the Bratcher family for years to come.

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