Grieving Mom Is Reunited With Late Son’s Class Ring 24 Years After It Was Stolen

by Emerald Pellot
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A grieving mother from Cincinnati was in utter disbelief when she got a phone call 24 years in the making.

One day, a woman named Lisa Holmes was walking around when she saw something shiny on the ground. It was a 1986 class ring from Taylor High School. Lisa notified the school, who called up community members to see if they could find the owner. The ring belong to the deceassed Buddy Taylor.

When his mom, Patty Taylor, got the call, she was completely flabbergasted. The mother has been dealing with a lot: two of her children have passed away over the past three years.

First her daughter was taken by ovarian cancer, then, Buddy, by liver cancer a year ago. The ring is more than just a ring for Patty (like Delaney Riley’s message in a bottle). It all started 24 years ago when the family went on the “vacation from hell,” as she told WCPO. While on vacation, the children’s shoes were stolen, they were in a car accident, and when they returned home, $25,000 worth of items had been burglarized — including that ring.

It seemed that Patty was enduring another string of misfortune after she lost her two kids. With the discovery of the ring, things feel a little brighter in the darkness.

“It means a lot to us that we got something back of his. It kind of brings him closer to us. Everybody’s been telling me, that’s him letting you know he’s OK,” Patty said.

Even in loss, there are little glimmers of hope that remind us we’re not alone. Please SHARE if you think the ring really was a sign from Buddy!

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