21-Year-Old Student Learns Her ‘Dad’ Is Actually Her Uncle After Class Assignment Goes Wrong

by Kat Manos
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Science can be a wonderful thing! Being able to track DNA, genealogy, and hereditary traits through our parents is not only fascinating but can be genuinely helpful!

One Twitter user recently learned about the true value of tracking parentage and genealogy after a simple biology class assignment went wrong.

A user by the name of Anya tweeted on February 21 about an incident that occurred in her biology class when her California State University San Bernardino professor, Lisa Anderson, asked students about their blood type.

Many budding scientists know that using a Punnett square can help determine genotypes or allele combinations in biology; essentially, it’s a diagram that shows what traits a subject will have based upon their parents.

So, in Professor Anderson’s bio class, students were tasked with using their parents’ blood types to figure out, or prove, their own blood type.

And that’s how one student learned that her father wasn’t actually her real father.

Check out the story below to learn more about this unbelievable case!

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This story begins with Anya, a student at Cal State San Bernardino in California, recalling how a student realized her father wasn’t actually her real father.

Apparently, in this biology class, Anya’s professor asked students to use their parents’ blood types with their own to show how a Punnett square works, and one student in particular was having trouble with it.

Knowing that her father had type O blood and her mother had type A, this student didn’t understand how she could have type AB blood. Those who understand Punnett squares know this indeed doesn’t make too much sense!

In an attempt to help the student, Professor Anderson drew out a few Punnett squares to show that someone must have been mistaken about their blood type, or something was drawn incorrectly.

The student was pretty adamant that she knew her own and her parents’ blood types and that the professor must have been wrong! We’ve definitely all had those moments in class before.

During the next class, everyone found out the truth about their classmate. It turns out, the professor was definitely correct and the student learned something beyond the assignment.

“This girl is ballsy, lemma tell ya,” Anya wrote. “She announces it to the entire class of 243 people.”

That’s definitely a big group! Apparently, the student learned that her own mother had had an affair with a man who wasn’t her husband and the father the student believed was her dad.

That’s when reality hit: This student realized she had actually been raised by her uncle, assuming that man was her father. Her mother had hid the truth from her husband and her daughter for 21 years!

And that was that! All because of a simple class assignment, this student realized who her real father was — and the truth about her family! Science is pretty incredible like that.

The conclusion to the story is that the student’s parents are getting divorced! That might honestly be for the better in this case. Thanks, Punnett squares!

For naysayers who believe this story isn’t real, another Twitter user confirmed she was in the class where this happened as well! What a story to tell friends.

A few Twitter users came out of the woodwork to share their own stories! One girl found out about her own lineage in a similar class assignment!

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