Grandson’s Birth Inspires Grandmother To Lose A Life-Changing 243 Pounds

by Angel Chang
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We all face many challenges in life — but exactly how we find effective solutions to our problems is left up for us to decide.

We’ve witnessed many heartwarming and inspiring life alterations in the past — like John “Tiny,” who shed 260 lbs and shared an incredible message with the world — but nothing quite compares to the transformation you’re about to witness.

Clara Williams, from Farmers Branch, TX, was 52 years old when she became inspired to lose weight and take her life into her own hands.

“Being overweight is one vicious cycle,” Williams told Yahoo Health. “The bigger I got, the more I hurt.

And the more I hurt, the less I moved — and the bigger I got.”

Since receiving the support of TOPS Club, Inc., a weight loss network, Williams has not only regained her vitality, but has a newfound, spirited outlook on life.

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Clara Williams, 51, has struggled with her weight throughout her entire life. Just a few years ago, she weighed over 420 lbs.

grandma weight loss story

But after her grandson, Isaac, was born, she was determined to shed weight. So she joined TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly), a nonprofit weight loss support group. From there, she started to change her life…

grandma weight loss story

She didn’t follow a strict, confining diet. She was motivated by the program’s weekly weigh-ins and contests. She would go out and take walks during her lunch break, and followed Leslie Sansone’s walk-at-home tapes.

“The support from the group gave me all the encouragement I needed, and in so many ways, it saved my life,” Williams told Yahoo Health.

grandma weight loss story

In the end, the 5’10 Williams lost 243 lbs, dropping down to a much healthier 183 lbs. Looking back, she seems both relieved and mortified about the scope of her transformation.

grandma weight loss story

“It was hard to even get up off the couch by myself, let alone with a baby in my arms,” she said. “I was sick of being sick and tired. So I decided to fight to live life to its fullest.”

grandma weight loss story

Today, Williams eats a lot of healthy proteins — such as salmon and chicken — and snacks on fruit, avocado, and Greek yogurt. She tries to stay away from junk food, but indulges in occasional small servings.

grandma weight loss story

Since losing the weight, Williams has been able to go without taking any medications for her high blood pressure or diabetes. Back and joint pains have diminished, and she is now able to play with her grandson for hours at a time.

”Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today,” she said. “I am a testament to the fact that small changes will bring you great rewards.”

grandma weight loss story

Williams’ transformation and ending sentiment have touched us deeply. If there’s one thing we can take away from her story, it’s that not all change is bad.

Some decisions can certainly change your life for the better, as well as improve your outlook on the future.

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