Hero Civilians Rescue Baby From Back Seat Of Car After Couple Allegedly Overdoses In Parking Lot

by Kim Wong-Shing
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Hero witnesses saved a baby’s life while his parents were passed out on the ground in a parking lot.

Eric Asher and his fiancée, Alexandria Whitt, were driving by a shopping center in Canton, Ohio, when they noticed something extremely disturbing. They saw two adults passed out on the parking lot ground next to their car, Fox 8 News reports.

The couple was lying unconscious after a suspected drug overdose. The man was turning blue and didn’t appear to be breathing.

“I knew right away it had to be dealt with,” Eric told Fox 8.

Another witness called 911.

Meanwhile, Alexandria went to the back seat, where she found a 1-year-old child strapped into a car seat with the windows up.

“The baby was covered in sweat actually, very, very pink looking,” Eric said.

Alexandria tried to cool off the baby with a bottle of water while authorities arrived to deal with the two unconscious adults.

Cody Powell and Michelle Hall, both 29, appeared to have overdosed on opiates. Deputies administered Narcan, an emergency medication, to save their lives.

One officer said that Cody admitted to buying heroin and that he and Michelle injected it while in the parking lot. That’s the last thing he remembers.

Now both Cody and Michelle are facing child endangerment charges. Authorities say that without the lifesaving efforts of witnesses, the entire family’s lives could have been in grave danger.

“It’s a sign of how the opiate epidemic is affecting society and reaches out to everyone. Not just the people who are using, but their family members and everyone around them,” said Sgt. Ryan Carver of the Stark County Sheriff’s Office.

Footage provided by WJW Cleveland.

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