Circus Elephants Are Finally Free After Years Of Abuse

by Jessica Rothhaar
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For many, going to the circus is a nostalgic and magical event. Gymnasts seem to defy gravity, while clowns make the audience double over with laughter. It’s fun for everyone.

Well, almost everyone.

More and more people are going behind the scenes to reveal what really goes on backstage after the curtains close for the evening. In many cases, animals are stuffed into cages, chained to the ground, and abused — all in the name of entertainment.

The exposure of these archaic tendencies aren’t sitting well with the public, and slowly but surely, things are beginning to change.

Four elephants who have spent their entire lives wowing audiences for the Rambo Circus in India have finally been freed from their cages.

After years of abuse, the gentle giants are finally being relieved from their former lives thanks to the brave rescuers at Wildlife S.O.S.

Scroll down to find out how the elephants, known as the Precious Four, are doing now that they’re experiencing freedom for the first time, and let us know what you think of their story in the comments!

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Many circuses have been exploiting animals for the purpose of entertainment for years.

Elephants, tigers, lions, and bears go through hours of grueling, sometimes painful training sessions, just to get locked in a cage after the performance is through.

Goldie, Sylvie, Pearl, and Ruby were subjected to such treatment by their former owners.

For decades, they were neglected and forced to perform.

Wildlife S.O.S., a non-profit charity dedicated to the welfare of India’s animals, stepped in to stop the abuse.

But, it wasn’t an easy task.

“The latest rescue of the Precious Four is one of our most dangerous, exhausting and complicated rescues to date,” Wildlife S.O.S. explained on their Facebook page.

Protesters stood outside screaming and threatening the rescuers.

The ordeal lasted for 15 hours and required plenty of police presence.

The flashing bulbs of cameras, screams from the protestors, and general distrust of humans agitated the elephants so much that they almost broke free from their chains.

Despite the chaos, the rescuers continued their work.

In order to make it easier for the elephants to enter the trucks, the rescuers created dirt ramps with a backhoe.

Thankfully, they were able to calm the elephants enough to keep them from stampeding.

Finally, they were on their way to safety.

The Precious Four made it to the sanctuary and finally began to receive the care they so desperately needed.

Senior veterinarian, Dr. Yaduraj visited the site to take care of the elephants’ feet that had been neglected for decades.

Slowly, the elephants began to adapt to their new surroundings.

“Trees are very exciting for them and right now as we speak, the gang of girls are busy tearing the leaves and scratching their bums on the trees,” the rescuers said on their Facebook page.

“After a lifetime of misery and abuse, the Precious Four are finally beginning to understand the true meaning of love and empathy,” the organization said.

We wish them the best of luck as they enjoy their second chance at life!

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