The Next Time You Go To Disney World, Your Child Can Ride In An Actual Cinderella Carriage

by Kim Wong-Shing
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For a little kid, going to Disney World is the ultimate fantasy. Meeting all your favorite princesses, going on rides, dressing up – it’s a dream come true.

But there’s now a bonus feature available that previous generations could’ve only dreamt of: You can ride around the park in an actual Cinderella carriage.

Strollers are always a necessity when you bring young kids to Disney World. But until now, they were… not nearly this exciting.

For kids, the Cinderella stroller carriage provides an opportunity to feel just like actual royalty. For adults, the carriage is a practical, safe stroller that will also make your kid’s day.

The carriage comes with built-in lights and carriage lanterns, for that nighttime enchantment vibe. And depending on which package you buy, it also comes with costumes and silk roses.

Practically speaking, this is a full-featured stroller, with hangers, seat belts, cup holders, and so on. It can fit two children at a time, and you can rent one for up to eight hours.

Is this the most magical stroller ever? Quite possibly.

If you want to make a small child’s brain explode, the best course of action is to take them to Disney World.

At which point you will almost definitely have to rent or bring a stroller.

But there is now a stroller option that is straight from a kid’s dreams: a Cinderella carriage!

Fantasy Strollers offers a stroller that is shaped just like Cinderella’s carriage, complete with twinkling lights.

The carriage holds two children, so it has room for a princess and a prince / a couple of princesses / a couple of princes. As long as they each weigh under 95 pounds.

And you can reserve it for eight hours at a time. The company will drop it off at the park entrance or at your resort.

The stroller is practical in all the ways that a stroller should be – easy push steering, brakes, seat belts, cup holders, and hangers.

But it’s also ridiculously stylish. The stroller itself starts at $132 for an eight-hour rental.

And if you pay extra, it also comes with costumes. Cinderella is just the beginning – you can also get Sleeping Beauty or even a Jedi.

Some packages even come with a silk rose for each little mini-royal.

The strollers get booked quickly, as you can imagine. So if you, your inner child, or your actual child is squealing in excitement at how cute this is, make sure to book at least three months in advance.

There’s no doubt about it – this is a way, way cooler option than the regular park stroller.

It’s ideal for photo ops and special occasions.

And maybe just for regular days at Disney World, too. Who’s here to judge?

Unfortunately, adults can’t fit in the carriage. Maybe they’ll follow up with a bigger model.