Christina And Tarek El Moussa’s 7-Year-Old Daughter Looks Exactly Like Her Famous Mom

by Lindsey Weedston

Chances are you know some kids who look a lot like their parents. You might also know some parents who will insist against all logic that their kids look like them even when they really don’t.

And we all know how much certain celebrities like to turn their children into little look-alikes of themselves. Remember that photo of Demi Moore with her oldest daughter?

Then there’s Christina El Moussa, whose 7-year-old daughter, Taylor, looks exactly like her.

It was actually Taylor’s dad (Christina’s ex-husband Tarek) who pointed out their similar appearances on Instagram. The Flip or Flop star posted an adorable photo of Taylor with her braided blonde hair and tiny little pearl earrings with the caption, “Someone looks like mommy.”

If you put those smiles right up next to each other, it’s impossible to deny. Did the famous Flip or Flop couple get access to cloning technology? Just look at this:

Instagram / Tarek El Moussa

First of all, this kid is too cute. Christina’s gorgeous genes are clearly at work here. Now take a look at a recent photo from Christina’s Instagram:

Twin alert, for real! The only big difference is the eyebrows, which Christina has clearly worked on (with great results). Otherwise, they have the same eyes, same nose, same smile — even their ears look the same.

When mommy and daughter are in the same light, you can totally see how Taylor got Christina’s hair. Mom even recently got several inches of her iconic blonde locks cut off, so their hair is now a similar length.

Christina and Tarek's Divorce

Christina and Tarek's Divorce

Christina and Tarek’s recent divorce has been a smooth and amicable process — something that’s not always easy with two kids in the mix. The recent photo of Taylor on Tarek’s Instagram suggests that things are going pretty well.

However, it might be possible that Tarek was a little jealous of how much Taylor looks like Christina. I say this only because, not long after that photo was posted (and later removed), Tarek started gushing about how much their second kid, Brayden, looks like him.

Jealous, Much?

Jealous, Much?

“TWINNING???” Tarek wrote about a photo of him and Brayden. They are both sporting some nice suits, to be fair.

Aside from that blonde hair, you can see similarities between father and son — especially in the eyes and nose. But it’s not quite as striking as the “twinning” that’s going on between Christina and Taylor. Sorry, Tarek.

That being said, it’s beyond adorable to see how stoked Tarek is about his son. “OMG I LOVE this picture with him and his ‘little suit’!!! this boy melts me and I just LOVE that he’s my little twin.”

Plenty of commenters also agreed that Brayden looks like his dad. Then again, how can you not respond to that level of enthusiasm?

“So… who thinks ‘Big Boy’ looks like his daddy???”

OK, Tarek. We’ll give you this one.

Cuteness Potential: Extremely High

Cuteness Potential: Extremely High

Anyway, now that’s it’s been established who looks like whom, I think it’s high time we got some more matching outfit photos. Just look at this adorable picture of Christina and Taylor sporting matching swimsuits this spring.

But it’s not nearly enough. Let’s see Tarek and Brayden in some serious Mini-Me outfits. Please, Tarek, dress him up in an identical but tiny suit and stand him on a table next to you like he’s the same height.

If both Christina and Tarek could twin up their respective clones and have a group shot, even better. Time’s a-wasting, guys. These kids aren’t going to be cute forever!

Just kidding, of course — they’ll always be cute.

Flip or Flop Future

<i>Flip or Flop</i> Future

We should be seeing plenty more of the Flip or Flop duo and their adorable kids on the upcoming season eight of the show. Christina’s also launching a new project called Christina on the Coast, coming to HGTV in early 2019.

There’s also a good chance that the kids will follow in their parents’ footsteps. See what Brayden’s got there? “Brayden is ready to get this place dialed,” says Christina.