Mom Loses Grandma’s Wedding Photo. 4 Years Later, Daughter Spots Familiar Face In Salvation Army

by Jess Butler
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To Caroline and Christina Cullen, their grandmother meant the world to them.

At the ages of 4 and 5, Caroline and Christina lost their own mother.

They went to go live with their grandmother, who was living alone since the passing of her husband. All three of them began a new life together, something they all needed at the time.

Unfortunately, over 30 years after their fresh start, their grandmother passed away in 2012. That was the moment when the sisters’ luck took a turn for the worse.

Christina had a photo from her grandmother’s wedding day inside of her car. The family was experiencing tough financial woes, and when Christina’s her car was repossessed, a wedding photo was taken along with it.

The framed picture was the only memory they had left of their beloved grandmother.

The granddaughters, who were now moms themselves, thought that they would never see the last trace of their grandmother ever again.

Fortunately, hope wasn’t lost. One day an unbelievable four years later, Christina received an unexpected phone call that changed everything.

During a chance shopping trip to the Salvation Army, her daughter, Gianna, found something completely shocking. While sifting through items, Gianna’s eyes were attracted to an old picture. She noticed it looked familiar, so she analyzed it — and then it hit her. “Oh my God! That’s my grandma!” Gianna exclaimed.

“I’m always, like, secretly asking for signs, you know, you know for her to give me a sign that she’s around or she’s watching over us,” Christina smiled.

Caroline added, “She found us and she said, ‘Merry Christmas’ and let us know that she’s there and that she loves us and she’s all around us.”

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