Kind Cop Steps In For Young Man Without A Father

by Emerald Pellot
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When Christian Felix was walking home late at night, the last thing he wanted was to be stopped by a police officer.

Sgt. Natalie Simonick was patrolling the area and saw Christian.

She was concerned that he might be violating curfew in the dark and dangerous area.

“I pulled over and I asked him what he was doing,” Simonick told “He said, ‘Walking home, I missed the bus.'” Christian assured Sgt. Simonick that he was 18 years old and showed her his ID.

Still, she was concerned because the area was desolate. Simonick gave him a ride home but when they began talking, she discovered the unthinkable.

Whenever Christian missed the bus, he would have to walk 9 miles home from his job at McDonald’s. Sgt. Simonick suggested he ride a bike instead. Christian admitted: he never learned.

“He never had a father in his life, so he had no one to teach him,” Sgt. Simonick said. “He doesn’t drink and doesn’t smoke. He had never had any contact with police as far as negative contact.”

So Sgt. Simonick stepped in where Christian’s father never did. She gave him a bike, then taught him how to ride it. We often praise officers for their heroism, but it’s not just about saving choking toddlers; being a hero is also about even the smallest deeds because even those have the biggest impact.

“Two of my officers stood on either side of him and pushed him,” Simonick said. “He was a little wobbly and rode into one of the poles, but my guys were right there to catch him.”

“It’s really something when someone comes up on the street and offers to do a kindness for you,” Christian said. “These days you don’t see anything like that.”

Now that he has learned, he and Sgt. Simonick often ride together. See more of this “accidental” bond in the video below.

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