Homeless Man Returns Grieving Family’s Stolen Green Camper So They Thank Him With $1,000

by Jess Butler
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Casey Soraya and her family were devastated when they realized their green dog camper was missing. It had been renovated in honor of a pet who passed away — and losing it only added to their grief.

Luckily, an unlikely hero was about to change everything for them.

In the video below, posted on December 30, 2017, Casey explains, “We completely renovated it and redesigned it for our family trips, so that we could go on all our vacations with our dogs.”

The family had no clue why their camper was stolen. They just had to wait for answers.

Then, a man named Christian Satterfield — who lived in the woods and saw where the green camper ended up — made an important call to 911.

He saw the camper being dumped by the thief who stole it and recognized it from a story on the news.

In the video, Christian hugs his own four-legged friend and says, “I couldn’t imagine losing this dog right here. I couldn’t imagine it. They lost their dog. They’re a good family, it seems like.”

With Christian’s help, the police were able to bring the camper back to Casey and her family. In return, they rewarded Christian with $1,000!

Now that the Sorayas have their camper back, the police will be able to look for fingerprints and catch the culprit behind the theft.

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Footage provided courtesy of KFOR Oklahoma City

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