Chrissy Teigen Roasts John Legend With Arthur Memes, Then He Fires Back With An Adorable Photo

by Angela Andaloro

Chrissy Teigen is the bona fide queen of Twitter. She has a clap back for all occasions and will come for anyone, anytime.

More importantly, she’s also not afraid to poke fun at herself — a very important element in mastering the Twittersphere. It’s one of the countless things we love about the supermodel, cookbook author, and mom of two. While there’s the occasional cutthroat shutdown, it’s the lighthearted fun we’ve come to enjoy most.

Some of Chrissy’s most hilarious tweets come at the expense of her husband, singer John Legend. When comparisons between John and Arthur Reed, the aardvark at the center of PBS’ Arthur, began to pop up on Twitter, not only was Chrissy here for it, but she was ready to get in on the fun.

You can’t help but love the playful trolling between these two, one of many signs that theirs is a Hollywood relationship you can believe in.

This piece of internet treasure came to be over a year ago.

This piece of internet treasure came to be over a year ago.

Twitter user @sowahblanket was the first to note the similarities between John Legend and Arthur. With over 200,000 likes on the tweet in the time since, it’s safe to say a few people agree.

This image of John in Arthur’s signature gold in 2016’s La La Land really did the convincing for anyone who was having doubts.

Twitter users were quick to note that the comparison was actually a good thing. Arthur has been a positive influence on kids for over two decades, and John is one of the most positive, giving figures in Hollywood today. There was just one thing they were waiting for — Chrissy’s reaction.

By adding the Arthur fist to the equation, Chrissy gave it her blessing in a tweet of her own.

He claimed this was the first he was hearing of Arthur at all.

The good people of Twitter wasted no time schooling him, as they do.

It's been over a year, but Chrissy is still loving it.

It's been over a year, but Chrissy is still loving it.

John Legend poked fun at his Arthur status in a Google Duo ad posted to Twitter in April. You might say he gave Chrissy Teigen the green light to keep poking fun.

Last week, Chrissy posted this adorable shot of their 2-year-old daughter Luna lounging with an Arthur doll in her lap. Naturally, the caption says “Luna and daddy.”

Chrissy also revealed that the Arthur doll was actually hers as a kid, and of course she took it all the way.

John Legend had just one thing to say about this.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world was straight up cackling at poor John’s expense.

Of course, Chrissy didn’t stop there. She reposted this rendering of John as the lovable cartoon character, created by graphic designer Deen Ally.

Never one to keep from poking fun at herself, too, Chrissy reposted this meme. Even though it was Arthur’s dad in the image, everyone still got the full effect.

And John had the ULTIMATE response when he posted a picture of Luna and, as his Instagram caption says, “a stuffed animal whose name we shall not speak.”

John Legend / Instagram

We can’t help but love the whole Legend clan and their sense of humor. We wonder if either of their little ones will have any resemblance to any members of the Reed clan as they grow!