Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Just Adopted A Puppy And The Cuteness Overload Is Very Real

by Angela Andaloro

Chrissy Teigen managed to break through all of social media’s Golden Globes excitement with some special news.

Chrissy and John welcomed a new little four-legged friend into their family. The couple adopted a standard poodle puppy, and they have Ellen DeGeneres to thank.

It all started when Ellen raised awareness of a dire situation at the Wagmor Pet Hotel and Spa. The grooming and boarding facility took in a family of 10 dogs. It was asking for help collecting resources to help the mother, father, and eight puppies, all of whom had never seen a vet. The brood was extra special to Ellen, as they are related to her own dog, Wally.

Ellen adopted Wally, short for Mrs. Wallis Browning, back in September.

Chrissy and John looked into adopting one of the puppies. They brought home their little guy, named Petey after the parakeet in Dumb and Dumber, just ahead of the Golden Globes.

When it comes to award season, there are some celebrities that you can expect A1 takes from. Among them is the queen of the Twitterverse, Chrissy Teigen. If she’s not at a show letting us know all the behind-the-scenes gossip, she’s tweeting relatably from her couch.

Chrissy was a little bit too busy to really hone in on last night’s Golden Globes. Instead, she was busy sharing some too-cute-for-words pictures of the newest member of the Stephens family. Chrissy and John adopted a standard poodle puppy who came home with them yesterday.

Chrissy and John’s puppy, named Petey after the parakeet in Dumb and Dumber, has some serious connections. The adorable pooch is related to one of Ellen’s dogs. In fact, Ellen calling attention to a “dire situation” at the Wagmor, where she adopted Mrs. Wallis Browning from, is what led John and Chrissy to their new addition.

It all started when Ellen shared a post from the Wagmor. The post explained that it was seeking support for the care of a family of 10 dogs. Mom, dad, and their eight puppies had never received any veterinary care.

Ellen adopted Mrs. Wallis Browning, aka Wally, in September. She was elated to share the news with her audience and praised the beauty of adopting a pet. The sweet pup had been kept in an outdoor cage for her entire life, and Ellen was happy to give her a chance to “live next door to Oprah.”

Chrissy shared some super-sweet photos of Petey with her family. It’s clear that 3-year-old Luna is so in love with her new puppy. John also couldn’t help but smile at the adorable curly bundle of joy in their arms.

In one cute video, Chrissy shows Luna bringing the dog over to John, asking him to hold the dog. John’s on board but isn’t too thrilled with Luna calling him by his first name. “I’m not John, I’m your dad,” he tells the precocious 3-year-old.

One of Chrissy’s followers sent her a video of two standard poodles in children’s swings at the park. She confirmed that Petey is a standard poodle. “He’s a standard poodle and if he’s anything like his dad, he will be the biggest caramel Gumby ever seen,” she tweeted.

Later, Chrissy joked at her first pet parenting fail: “unused crate for sale. contact me at already[expletive]up@gmail dot com.” You can see the puppy curled up next to Luna, hiding his head under a blanket.

She also shared a video of Miles loving on the new puppy. She was prepared for the comments from the parenting police: “love at first sight. everyone is still alive and okay and I know you’ll have something to say but please just breathe!! you got this!!

As Chrissy took in the Golden Globes red carpet, Luna tended to her new pet. Chrissy posted a video of her daughter bringing the puppy a bowl of water. He lies in his bed by the fireplace and barely moves.

While Chrissy watched the award show, Luna couldn’t get enough of Petey. She brought him over to the piano and taught him how to play. Looks like some things are a must for every member of the Stephens family, and we love it.

The last sweet video of Petey from the night seems to have come from after the little ones were in bed. Chrissy gets some cuddle time in with the adorable pooch. In the background, Tom Hanks’ soothing voice sets the scene.

Petey will surely have a great home with the rest of the family’s pets. As for his siblings and parents, the Wagmor has said they’ll be ready for adoption soon. We can’t help but wonder what other celebs will get in on this pooch family affair.