Chrissy Teigen Claps Back At Internet Troll Who Said Her Haircut Makes Her Face ‘Look Huge’

by Madison Vanderberg

Chrissy Teigen recently debuted the cutest wavy bob haircut and flaunted her new do during an appearance on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live. We dig her new hair, but one nasty internet commenter had a different take.

“You look beautiful but you should grow your hair long again,” the commenter wrote on Chrissy’s Instagram. “Girls with round faces should not have short hair like that. It makes your face look huge. Been there….believe me….LONG HAIR.”


As per usual, Chrissy was having none of this unsolicited, and rude, advice. Chrissy swiftly responded to the troll and wrote: “Honestly wow thank you because when I wake up each morning I wonder what [this commenter] would do and then I try to make her happy so this was a huge mistake on my part.”

Queen of clapbacks, we bow down.

Something about the anonymity of the internet has Instagram users thinking it’s OK to leave mean-spirited comments on celebrity posts, in the guise of “helpful advice.” It’s not helpful; it’s just rude — can we let Chrissy Teigen live? Celebrities are just people, after all. Also, her short hair slays.

You can see photos of Chrissy’s new short cut here and check out the video below for more from Chrissy’s epic clapback.

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