Chrissy Teigen’s Flight Had To Turn Around Midair When An Unauthorized Person Was Found Onboard

by Caralynn Lippo
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As it turns out, traveling during the holiday season can be stressful for everyone — no matter how rich or famous you are.

Chrissy Teigen learned this the hard way when she had the bizarre experience of being on a flight that turned around midair before it reached its destination. But it wasn’t because another passenger became ill or the plane malfunctioned. It was because someone onboard wasn’t supposed to be there at all.

Chrissy and her husband, John Legend, were on an All Nippon Airways (ANA) flight, headed from Los Angeles to Tokyo. But only four hours into the flight, something really weird happened.

“A flying first for me: 4 hours into an 11 hour flight and we are turning around because we have a passenger who isn’t supposed to be on this plane. Why… why do we all gotta go back, I do not know,” Chrissy tweeted, still in the air.

Rather than being scared or grumpy, she mostly wondered how the person and flight crew figured out they were on the wrong plane and why the whole plane needed to turn around and go back to LAX. (A statement from the airline confirmed that it is part of their security procedure in this sort of situation to return to the originating airport and have the unauthorized passenger disembark there.)

The supermodel spent hours throughout Tuesday night and into the early hours of Wednesday morning narrating the strange and annoying ordeal on Twitter with a mix of tweets, photos, and video updates. Chrissy explained that airline personnel kept “saying the person had a [different airline] ticket.”

“So basically the boarding pass scanner is just a beedoop machine that makes beedoop noises that register to nowhere,” the soon-to-be mom of two joked.

Of course, Chrissy handled the situation with her usual good humor. She and John even gamely posed for photos with fans while waiting to disembark. “My first tweet can’t be more epic than this: just survived an 8-hour LAX-LAX flight with [Chrissy Teigen] and [John Legend] on #ANA #NH175,” one Twitter user wrote alongside a photo of himself posing next to the tired-looking celebrity couple.

An airline representative confirmed to Buzzfeed that the flight had safely returned to LAX at 7:33 p.m. local time — but the ordeal didn’t end there. Chrissy tweeted that everyone on her plane seated near the “mystery person” had to be interviewed by the police in a secured area after deplaning. She and John then spent time in a lounge before getting back on the plane and leaving once again for Tokyo several hours later.

According to CNN, it’s still unknown exactly how the anonymous passenger boarded the flight without a proper ticket and “an investigation is underway.”

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Thumbnail Photo: Twitter / Chrissy Teigen

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