11 Things You Never Knew About Chrissy Teigen

by Grace Eire
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Chrissy Teigen might have risen to fame with a little bit of help from her husband, crooner John Legend, but she remains a strong, independent woman.

While they do love each other and have a loving relationship, Chrissy is making a name for herself in her own right. She’s co-hosted shows on multiple networks and has modeled for some huge editorial spreads, most notoriously Sports Illustrated. You’ve seen her all over the place, but did you know these 11 things about Chrissy Teigen?

Above all else, Chrissy is a down to earth woman who’s not afraid to show her full self, flaws and all. She’s not afraid to tell it like it is, and it seems like she’s always laughing at something with a delicious meal in front of her.

How does she do it all on top of being a mom? The truth is that she has an amazing team and family to support her, and she’s not going to lie about being able to do it all on her own!

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1. She Started Out On Deal Or No Deal

1. She Started Out On <i>Deal Or No Deal</i>

One of Chrissy’s first modeling gigs after getting discovered while working in a California surf shop was as an alternate briefcase model on Deal or No Deal — she was on eight episodes total.

2. She Met John On A Video Shoot


In 2006, Chrissy was a catalogue model who booked a John Legend music video. She told Cosmo that when she walked into his dressing room to introduce herself, he was ironing his own underwear.

During the video shoot, Chrissy really caught his attention with her sense of humor and generally charming self, and the two of them went to eat some burgers afterwards.

3. She Didn't Force The Relationship

3. She Didn't Force The Relationship

Chrissy didn’t try to rush into her relationship with John after meeting him on the video.

For a year after meeting, she kept in touch and watched as he showed up to red carpet events with other women. She told Cosmo that she played it cool for quite a while before things evolved between the two of them in an organic way.

4. She's Transparent About Her Beauty Routine


In an interview with Elle, Chrissy was very upfront with how she keeps up her appearances. She gushes over how much she loves and trusts her team to keep her looking fresh, and she lets on to how she uses hair extensions to change her look very often.

Chrissy certainly isn’t afraid to be honest with her fans!

5. She Doesn't Really Work Out

working out

She revealed on a Reddit Ask Me Anything thread that she works out really hard for about a week before a video shoot, but not much other than that. I suppose she just got lucky with her genes!

6. She And John Struggled To Start A Family

6. She And John Struggled To Start A Family

While she and John look like they’re always having a great time smiling from ear to ear, it hasn’t been all roses for them.

She told E! News that she wanted to start having kids as soon as she got married, but she had to go through IVF treatments to get pregnant with her little miracle, Luna.

7. She Never Skips Breakfast


Breakfast is definitely the most important meal of the day to Chrissy. She told Shape that she has to have breakfast, and that it “has to be eggs.”

She also likes to snack on things like seaweed sheets, nuts, and sashimi throughout the day to curb cravings.

8. She's Worth $10 Million

8. She's Worth $10 Million

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Chrissy’s appearances in magazines like Sports Illustrated, ad campaigns, and TV shows sets her at an even $10 million net worth.

9. She's Got A Good Arm


Chrissy threw the first pitch at a Dodgers game in 2014, and she did a better job than many other first pitchers, including some major league athletes.

More recently little Luna threw out the first pitch at a Seattle Mariners game.

10. She's Watched Herself Get Photoshopped Before

10. She's Watched Herself Get Photoshopped Before

In her Reddit Ask Me Anything, Chrissy says that she’s watched herself get photoshopped for an editorial spread. She also said that they really go to town and that it’s not fun to watch it happen.

Her Sports Illustrated images, on the other hand, don’t get photoshopped that heavily. Chrissy is all about showing her true colors, and is sure to post photos of her “imperfect” and un-touched body on her Instagram when the mood strikes.

11. She And John Attended Her 15 Year High School Reunion


Despite being mega-famous, Chrissy and John went to her 15 year high school reunion at Snohomish High School in Washington this year. Chrissy was a cheerleader back in her high school days, but apparently not a very good one, according to Chrissy herself on Twitter.

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