Chrissy Teigen Calls Out Creepy Photographer Who Took Pic Of Her Pumping Breast Milk In Her Car

by Angela Andaloro

In case you weren’t aware, Chrissy Teigen does not play games. She has no problem speaking her mind — be it at a rally, on Twitter, or in front of the relentless paparazzi.

Chrissy is also a mom who’s comfortable with her body, a concept that still manages to shock many in 2018. Female celebrities receive endless criticism for how they behave as mothers, from what they wear to how they embrace their sexuality to what they do and don’t do in public. Chrissy is no stranger to receiving backlash from her actions, and she’ll stand up for herself as much as she deems necessary. Recently, photographers have harassed the mom of two by trying to snap pictures of her pumping breast milk, an action as regular as sneezing to moms around the world, and yet still deemed disgusting or shameful by others.

Chrissy took to Twitter to discuss her recent experiences, and, of course, everyone has an opinion.

We've been obsessed with Chrissy's clap backs lately.

We've been obsessed with Chrissy's clap backs lately.

Chrissy has been getting criticism for her parenting since before her kids were even born. Many people feel it their business to comment on Chrissy’s use of IVF to get pregnant both times.

When she was pregnant with Luna, people insisted she was having twins because of the size of her bump.

People have also criticized the fact that she chose which of her embryos to implant first, saying she was interfering with nature, among other ignorant accusations.

During both pregnancies, people asked Chrissy why she went with IVF instead of “doing it the old-fashioned way,” which is incredibly insensitive to the countless women out there who have to turn to other options. Chrissy didn’t hold back when replying to these trolls.

When she mentioned that she knew the sex of the remaining embryo, people were outraged yet again and also took it as a pregnancy announcement, because somehow we still haven’t managed to recognize the status of any one woman’s uterus is no one else’s business.

Recently, Chrissy came under fire for sharing a breastfeeding picture.

Recently, Chrissy came under fire for sharing a breastfeeding picture.

The trolls haven’t stopped Chrissy from being herself and celebrating her beautiful family. She took to Instagram to share this shot of her doing double duty, breastfeeding both her son, Miles, and a doll belonging to her daughter, Luna.

Like clockwork, people who think that breastfeeding should be kept private took to their keyboards to slam Chrissy.

Chrissy didn’t hesitate to respond, reminding us all that we can just scroll past the things we don’t like on the internet.

Meanwhile, moms everywhere are praising Chrissy for her realness. She’s not bowing to public pressure to be ashamed of the natural doings of her body, and no woman should be.

One fellow mom even asked Chrissy if she’d consider sharing pictures of herself pumping, another activity moms are shamed for doing in public.

Chrissy then revealed that the paparazzi come up to her car and try to snap photos of her pumping! The fact that she retreats to the privacy of a car with tinted windows means it isn’t something she necessarily wants to share with the world at that moment.

The mother of two is often stuck in a situation where she’s damned if she performs the ins and outs of being a mom in public and damned if she demands privacy. It can’t be easy, but she handles it well.

Husband John Legend is obviously proud of how Chrissy handles the criticism. He posted this shot of his wife on Father’s Day with the caption, “I know it’s Father’s Day and all but my wife is pretty awesome. She’s taking me to dinner but still on mommy duty.”

Here’s an idea for the trolls: Let this beautiful family LIVE.

We’re happy that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend continue to crush it in the parenting department. They’ll keep taking on the criticism, like so many new parents do, and do what’s best for their family.