Country Star Chris Stapleton Just Welcomed His Fifth Child With Wife Morgane

by Angela Andaloro

Chris and Morgane Stapleton have a very special relationship. The couple met while they were working at adjacent publishing houses in 2003.

Chris had been on the Nashville scene since 2001, working as a songwriter while also being a member of several different bands. Morgane, also a singer-songwriter, had a deal with Arista Nashville. The two hit it off and began dating. They got married in 2007. In 2010, they started a family and began the next chapter of their lives.

Chris and Morgane grew their family as Chris began to work on his solo career. They had another child around 2012, then had twins in 2018.

The couple is notoriously private when it comes to their children. In fact, we don’t even know their names for certain. That’s why it was so surprising when seven months after the birth of their twins, Chris announced that Morgane was expecting their fifth child. While celebrating Mother’s Day, Morgane revealed that their newest baby had arrived.

Music has carried Chris and Morgane Stapleton throughout their relationship. The two met in 2003 while working with adjacent publishing houses.

The two got together for a Friday night recording session that turned into their first date. “We didn’t get much writing done that night,” Morgane joked to Paste.

In 2007, the couple got married. Chris had the words “you are my sunshine” engraved in his ring. The couple often performs the song together, with Morgane leading and Chris supporting.

In 2010, a lot changed for the couple. They got pregnant with their first child, a boy. The news caused Chris to leave the band he was fronting, the SteelDrivers, in pursuit of his next career move.

Chris worked on his solo career while enjoying life with his new baby. Two years later, he and Morgane welcomed another child, a girl, just months before Chris released his first single, “What Are You Listening To.”

Sadly, Chris’ father died that same year. Chris struggled deeply with the loss, which led Morgane to suggest a cross-country road trip to process his feelings.

As they traversed the country, Chris worked on his first solo album, Traveller. Morgane handpicked the songs for the album, including her favorite, “Daddy Doesn’t Pray Anymore,” which he wrote in just a matter of minutes while waiting for her to get ready to go out.

Chris became a household name after performing a duet with Justin Timberlake at the 2015 Country Music Association Awards. The next year, Chris took home Album of the Year, Song of the Year, New Male Vocalist of the Year, and Male Vocalist of the Year.

In October 2017, Chris and Morgane announced they were expecting twins. They welcomed the boys, reportedly named Macon and Samuel, in April 2018. Reba McEntire announced the birth at the Academy of Country Music Awards after Chris won Album of the Year.

Just seven months following the twins’ birth, the couple had another announcement. Chris announced during a concert at New York City’s Madison Square Garden that they were expecting their fifth child.

“Some of you may know that we have four children, and we just had twins about seven months ago,” Chris explained. “Now there’s four for us, but we’re going to make it five.”

Morgane, who is very private about her children, shared a little more during this pregnancy. She posted some pictures featuring her bump on Instagram.

While celebrating Mother’s Day, Morgane revealed that they had welcomed their newest child. While she didn’t reveal the baby’s name or sex, she shared a sweet shot of the baby holding her finger.

The arrival is great news for the Stapletons, now a family of seven. Congratulations to the happy family!