Middle School Student Saves Friend From Choking On A Meatball

by Paul Morris
Paul is a proud Southerner who enjoys long walks in the woods, sweet tea, and watching movies. He’s also an expert pastry chef and will share his rhubarb-berry pie recipe with just about anyone who asks. He loves America and playing with animals of all kinds. When he isn't writing about the things he loves most, you can find him in the great outdoors!

When Middle School student Colby Cook was enjoying his lunch with his close friend, Kyle Randolph, when things suddenly went quiet.

Kyle dropped his meatball sandwich and quickly stood up. The surrounding students stared at him in confusion as he began to motion to his throat.

It took a few moments, but Colby suddenly realized, to his horror, that his friend Kyle was choking! It’s horrifying how quickly you can go from a normal lunch, to a potential tragedy all in the blink of an eye. Like the little girl who nearly drowned in the family pool but miraculously came back to life, this story nearly had a horrible ending.

Luckily, little Colby knew just what to do.

Though he hasn’t been officially trained on how to perform the Heimlich maneuver, he’s seen enough TV to know the general motion. He rushed behind Kyle, pulled in a few times, and suddenly everything was OK again.

This story really goes to show that you and your children should take safety classes no matter what your age. Luckily Colby knew what to do, and the choking wasn’t that bad, but you never know when a bit of training could save you, your friend, or a family member’s life! What an incredible kid!

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