Millionaire Stages A Burial For His Car To Raise Awareness About Organ Donation

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

When Brazilian businessman Chiquinho Scarpa made a request about his final resting place, people were shocked — and outraged.

It wasn’t so much about where he wanted to be buried, but how. Supposedly inspired by pharaohs and other old rulers who took their belongings with them to the grave for use in the afterlife, Scarpa announced that he would be burying his $40,000 Bentley in preparation for the next world.

As you may imagine, his announcement caused something of a stir. People were upset, and rightly so, about a perfectly good car being buried in the ground with a dead man when it could be used by someone else.

It was a waste, as well as an environmental concern, and very inconsiderate to someone who might need a car. You’re probably having that reaction right now!

But just wait: Scarpa actually has this all planned out, and what he was really doing? Making a powerful statement.

Sometimes you have to do something a little ridiculous, or even a little crazy, to make people see something in a new way, like the man who modeled his girlfriend’s clothing on the internet to call out how crazy and damaging the system of women’s clothing sizes can be.

See why Scarpa made this announcement by reading on!

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Meet Chiquinho Scarpa.

The 65-year-old Brazilian businessman and socialite is known for his wealth and connections, and lives a luxurious lifestyle.

Here he is looking every inch the millionaire with his Bentley and a feathered associate.

Scarpa is also known for his public appearances — and stunts.

When he announced that he would be buried with his Bentley Continental Flying Spur back in 2013, it created a stir.

The car was valued at over $40,000, and Scarpa, upon his deathbed, requested that he be buried within it.

Scarpa published these photos, and immediately, people began to complain, calling it a wasteful, inconsiderate stunt, as well as one that made no sense.

After all, why do you need a car when you’re dead? Someone else could use it!

But Scarpa, based on these photos, was serious. He said he would bury the car so that he could drive it in the afterlife, while on social media, people railed against him for not, say, donating it.

By the end of the week, though, he revealed what was really going on.

Shortly after the Bentley stunt, Scarpa appeared at Brazil’s conference on organ donation.

The banner behind him reads, “It’s absurd to bury something much more valuable than a Bentley: your organs.”

He also held a card reading, “I am an organ donor. Are you?”

The entire Bentley burial was, in fact, a way to get people’s attention about being an organ donor.

“I didn’t bury my car,” Scarpa explained on Facebook, “but everyone thought it was absurd when I said I was going to do that.

“It is absurd to bury their organs, which can save many lives. Nothing is more valuable. Be an organ donor. Tell your family.”

It’s a pretty crazy move, but one with a humanitarian end.

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