Chip And Joanna Gaines Debut New Home They’ve Been Building In Gorgeous Photos

by Lindsey Weedston

Joanna Gaines, formerly of the popular HGTV series Fixer Upper, just posted the results of her newest fix-up on her social media pages. The classic-style home was made to be featured in the Parade of Homes, an annual showcase of residences held in various metropolitan areas across the country.

“We just finished this classic style home that we’ve been building here in town and I feel like it’s reveal day!” said Joanna in her post. “Now that it’s complete and ready to go on the market, I can’t wait to see who makes this place their home.”

This particular house is in Waco, Texas, and was displayed by the Heart of Texas Builders Association on September 8 and 9 during its Parade of Homes. There will be a repeat performance this weekend on September 15 and 16, so if you’re in Waco, you should definitely check it out.

If not, check out Joanna’s photos below!

Traditional Yet Unique

Traditional Yet Unique

Joanna Gaines’ new classic-style house can be seen at 410 Wycliff Drive. If you show up at the address, you should be able to buy a ticket there for $10.

“This classic traditional-style home is designed with unique details and custom upgrades,” reads the Parade of Homes description. “It includes 4 bedrooms, 4½ bathrooms, an upstairs bonus room, and an outdoor kitchen. The exterior of the home exhibits stately charm, featuring classic off-white painted brick and dark gray trim.”

More bathrooms than bedrooms? Sign me up.

The house boasts “warm materials, such as off-white walls and European oak floors… chosen for the interior, while uniquely designed custom cabinetry incorporates antiqued mirror glass and flanks the plaster, tudor-arched fireplace. The home exudes charm with finishes such as Carrara marble, handmade tile, and white oak beams.”

Goodbye HGTV, Hello Baby

Goodbye HGTV, Hello Baby

Joanna remodeled this house with Chip, as usual. The couple actually left HGTV and Fixer Upper last fall, saying they needed more time for themselves. This might have had something to do with Joanna being pregnant with baby Crew at age 40.

The family has definitely been busy the past couple months with the new baby, judging from the number of adorable photos. They just recently took Crew to his first football game, which could not have been cuter.

Somehow, Joanna and Chip still found time to prepare the house in Waco for the Parade of Homes, complete with a shower that I would slap my own mother for.

Too Much White?

Too Much White?

Fans of the brand rushed to give their own opinions on the house. They seem to be mostly positive, though some aren’t 100% enthused about the amount of white used.

“Whites and grays seem to be THE thing now,” said Karen Hacking on Facebook. “Hard for me to feel ‘homey’ in this. I prefer warm and cozy with color.”

I feel the same way, but who am I to argue with the queen of design?

One Yvonne Martin thinks there’s so much white in the house that it would literally give her anxiety.

“Lovely! …but too much white throughout the home (including furnishings) for this OCD gal. My anxiety for keeping everything clean/stain free would probably give me a stroke.”

The good news is that it’s easy to add color to a home with your own paintings, rugs, blankets, and plants. Not that any of us are going to be able to live in this house, but the point is that it’s beautifully designed regardless of the color scheme.

“I like the transom window in the partition wall and especially love the grey crown, so fresh!” wrote Nick Kneut on Twitter. Others gushed over the fireplace, which is my personal favorite.

More From Joanna

More From Joanna

If you want (or need) something with a Joanna touch, her 2018 fall collection from Hearth & Hand With Magnolia is coming to Target stores across the US this weekend. Country Living describes it as “made for people who are obsessed with fall.”

So, everybody?

With the project done, hopefully Joanna will have some time to relax and spend time with baby Crew. She might need it after a recent photo of the baby at the doctor’s office was piled onto by anti-vaxxers telling her not to vaccinate Crew. Nobody needs that.

Chip and Joanna, Please Hang Out With Me

Chip and Joanna, Please Hang Out With Me

Maybe they can take a little vacation in the house they just finished. Kick back on that gorgeous deck. Maybe invite me over for a drink. Just spitballing here.