Chip And Joanna Gaines Just Bought A 129-Year-Old Castle In Texas And Plan To Restore It

by Angela Andaloro

Chip and Joanna Gaines are known for working their magic on homes throughout the Waco, Texas, community.

Before Fixer Upper even aired, the couple had renovated over 100 homes in the area.

Chip and Joanna walked away from the HGTV show last year to focus on family and other projects, but they’ve continued to do beautiful work on homes throughout Waco and neighboring areas. Their latest project is a big one that has fans more excited than ever before.

Chip and Joanna have purchased a real-life castle. They bought Cottonland Castle, which was built in 1890.

The historic structure is over 6,700 square feet with three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms.

Chip and Joanna have had their eye on the castle for some time, and they’ve even made attempts to purchase the property in the past. Don’t worry: That doesn’t mean the Gaines family is giving up on farm life. Renovating the castle is a passion project, but they have no plans to move in and make it their own.

You can’t underestimate the impact Chip and Joanna Gaines have had on home design. During Fixer Upper‘s five-season run, we saw them breathe life and personality into a number of properties.

Before the show even aired, the couple had managed to renovate over 100 homes in the Waco, Texas, area. The work isn’t easy, but seeing the transformation of these properties must be tremendously gratifying.

Chip and Joanna have taken on some pretty impressive projects. The results are always stunning, which is why fans are so excited about what’s to come.

Chip and Joanna’s real estate company, Magnolia Realty, recently confirmed that the couple has acquired a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark. In fact, it’s a castle.

A spokesperson for Magnolia Realty released a statement regarding the purchase. It reads:

“I can confirm that Magnolia has purchased the historic Cottonland Castle. For nearly two decades, Chip and Joanna have admired the property as a hallmark of the Castle Heights neighborhood — they’ve even made past attempts to purchase it. The property is an iconic piece of Waco’s history and while specific plans have not yet been determined, one thing is for certain: their efforts will focus on fully completing the home’s long overdue and well-deserved restoration.”

Cottonland Castle hit the market again after being purchased in 2014. It’s reported that the previous owner did some work to update the plumbing and electrical elements of the property but ultimately couldn’t handle a full-fledged overhaul.

Some have already speculated that Chip and Joanna may have purchased the castle to renovate it and move in. Fear not: The Gaineses are not looking to give up farmhouse life anytime soon.

While we’re all aware of what Chip and Joanna are capable of, they certainly have a challenge ahead of them. The initial price tag on the property was $425,000, but the final sales price is unknown.

The project ahead of them is bigger than anything they’ve taken on before. With a property as aged as this one, even the most seasoned renovator can’t know what to expect.

A dig into what kind of updates the property might need by Realtor.com shows a very expensive renovation process is likely. The castle reportedly has water damage and rotting woodwork that, among other modernization efforts, could cost as much as $1 million.

It’s also a stylistic departure from the sort of properties that Chip and Joanna are used to working on. This castle will require a different tactic than renovating an old farmhouse.

There’s also the castle’s historic landmark status to consider. It places limitations on what can be done to the property in attempts to modernize or stylize it.

Many are curious to see what Chip and Joanna will make of the property. It’s unlikely that they would just flip the home after the amount of time, effort, and money that will be put into it.

Whether it becomes a bed-and-breakfast or a wedding reception hall or anything in between, we’re sure Chip and Joanna will add a charming touch to the property. Maybe we’ll even get some behind-the-scenes looks on their rumored upcoming cable network!