‘Fixer Upper’ Fans Can’t Agree Whether Baby Crew Looks More Like Chip Or Joanna Gaines

by Angela Andaloro

It’s been about three months since Joanna and Chip Gaines, former stars of HGTV’s Fixer Upper, welcomed their fifth child, Crew Gaines.

We’ve gotten some glimpses of baby Crew before, but now that he’s starting to come into his own, fans have some opinions about who the little guy looks more like — his mom or his dad!

Joanna and Chip announced they were expecting just after New Year’s, during the final season of Fixer Upper. The couple has four other children: Drake, 13, Ella, 12, Duke, 10, and Emmie, 8. Fixer Upper‘s final episode aired in April, and in June, baby Crew made his appearance two and a half weeks early.

If you’re following along on Instagram, you’ll know that the Gaines family has shared some of their early moments with Crew — and now they’re sharing another milestone. Joanna and Chip took baby Crew to his first football game at Baylor University, their alma mater, and boy, are the pictures too cute for words!

Joanna said that Crew’s “surprise” entrance was “fitting given he was a surprise from day one.”

Joanna and Chip met as college students and got married after a little over a year of dating.

Joanna feels like this journey through parenthood is special. She told People, “I had four kids aged 4 and under. There were so many diapers, and it was chaos. Those years just flew because there was so much happening in the moment. I feel like I can really take this one in and relish these moments.”

Chip even joked about more children just months before they announced they were expecting. ABC13 spoke to Chip about what was next after Fixer Upper, and he joked, “We had four babies right before the show started, and then we’ve had zero babies since the show started. For me, I’m really excited to go back and try to maybe… try to make some more babies.”

There’s no doubting that Crew’s siblings were anxious to meet the newest member of the family. Joanna shared this sweet shot taken by a friend of them all waiting outside of delivery for some news.

Once baby Crew made his appearance, there was no questioning Mama’s love.

This serene shot of him in a tiny rocking chair is the first look we got at Crew settling into home life.

Chip continued the sweet tradition he started with their firstborn, Drake. He wears each baby’s hospital bracelet until it falls off.

It seems like Crew loves the outdoors! Joanna’s shared several shots of Crew enjoying their yard and deck.

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t love a good indoor snuggle, though, like this one with Chip and Duke.

Recently, Crew took a trip to a Baylor University, Mom and Dad’s alma mater.

Fans loved seeing this picture of Crew spending special time with Mom and Dad.

The sleepy fellow’s red hair has fans thinking he’s going to be a spitting image of Chip as he grows.

That’s not to say he doesn’t look like Mama, too. It’ll take time to tell for sure, but each of the Gaines children seems to have a unique spin on their parents’ looks and personalities.